Tokyo, Tokyo
Full - Time

Key Job Accountabilities 主要職務

Spearhead the strategy and management of third-party e-commerce platforms, including Rakuten, Amazon, Zozo, LINE Gift, @Cosme, and Department Store Online, to drive sales across the L'Oréal LUXE brands, while coordinating with another team responsible for owned e-commerce websites.

Develop and implement both short-term and long-term E-commerce strategies in alignment with brand, division, and North

Asia Zone objectives to increase online turnover and incubate new business ventures that reflect the brand's identity and goals.

Direct the EC platform team and ensure effective collaboration with related teams and stakeholders, including the North Asia CDMO zone team.

Oversee the e-merchandising strategy, encompassing catalog management, trade promotions, testing, site enhancements, and media, in sync with the marketing plan.

Manage e-trade marketing in accordance with the marketing calendars of both the brand and platform partners.

Analyze and refine the customer journey and purchasing experience to improve metrics such as frequency, conversion rates,

and average order value across online channels, leveraging data to adapt strategies.

Monitor and optimize site and business performance to enhance ROI.

Evaluate and elevate customer satisfaction through NPS, consumer comments, and reviews.

Lead the retail media strategy and establish a performance tracking cycle.

Facilitate the introduction of technology, tools, and partnerships to advance platform capabilities, working closely with EC platformers, IT, and related teams.

Act as the primary liaison for the brand team and related parties for non-urgent communications.

Take responsibility for the online platform business P&L to ensure profitability.

Conduct divisional eJBP with key platform partners to stimulate faster growth.

Formulate and implement an online platform business channel strategy that aligns with Global and North Asia Zone CDMO


Must Have Aspects 必須項目

a. Core skills and Experience

At least 3 years of experience in managing third-party EC platforms, with a documented history of strategizing and implementing plans for various brands and e-commerce platforms, specifically Rakuten, Amazon, Zozo, LINE Gift, @Cosme, and Department Store Online.

Expertise and strategic insight into major e-commerce platforms, particularly Rakuten and Amazon.

Experience in overseeing sales and P&L.

High-level proficiency in English and Japanese, both written and spoken, to effectively communicate with international


b. Leadership and Management

Proven ability to effectively communicate within a team and cascade information.

Quick adaptability to new challenges and the capability to address concerns from internal stakeholders, including senior

leadership and brand representatives."

Ability to provide strategic and insightful feedback to team members, based on a deep understanding of e-commerce platforms and previous experience.

Strong leadership skills that drive team performance and foster a collaborative environment.

An enthusiastic and optimistic approach that motivates and encourages team members.

Excellent prioritization skills, capable of managing projects with clarity and vision.

c. Mindset

A passionate commitment to the EC business, striving for excellence in every task.

Confidence in engaging with business partners and a dedication to meeting and exceeding goals.

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