Discovery L’Oréal Singapore

Each day at L’Oréal, you create your own career path. But you are not alone- developing our people is our top priority.

At L’Oréal Singapore, we are a bunch of diverse individuals who absolutely love what we do. We are trendsetters, we push frontiers and we outdo ourselves in beauty tech.

Who do we look for at L'Oréal?

There's no one personality we look for- individuals who can flourish in our company culture and make a difference. We're team players and risk takers. We accept challenges. We share an entrepreneurial spirit and a resilient attitude. We think forward, and together, we lead the future of beauty tech.

Welcome to our Young Talent Program

Our Young Talent Programs offer you first entry into the industry as you get involved with the inner workings of a successful, market-leading Beauty company. Collaborate and learn from some of the most passionate, intelligent and creative people, right here in the heart of the bustling Lion City.