We don’t see HR as just another function; we see it as an incubator of talent where we find, recruit and develop brilliant minds around the world. We are the people behind the scenes of every function, making sure that everyone is doing a job they love and has what they need to do so. When we hear someone say 'Yeah, I love my job', we know we are doing the right thing!

Making 86,000 colleagues the happiest employees in the world!

Passion for People

Human Resources at L’Oréal is over 1,700 employees across 5 continents providing expertise on topics like organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, pay, HR advice, learning & development, wellbeing, and talent acquisition among others.

It’s also helping people find jobs in a new country, on the other side of the world, and working with our 36 brands to coach managers in people skills.

Our job is to support people while they figure out what they love to do most, how to go about doing that, and seeing their eyes light up because they have figured out how to become the best version of themselves.

Support the business from the very core

Human Resources at L’Oréal is also about supporting the business and using your skills to stay ahead of the game. Whether you’re an expert in law, a master of mathematics, or a passionate people person, we provide the opportunity to shine through the diversity of functions and specialties. You might start in Social Relations, pass by Rewards, and ultimately end up in Legal for HR - the possibilities are endless!