At L’Oréal, whether you’re an Intern or an Apprentice, you can expect to bring your whole self to work. We embrace our differences and celebrate what makes us each unique. You will feel empowered at all stages of your career; to ask why, to ask why not, and to present your bold new ideas. Your colleagues will be there to support you, help you grow and teach you things you would have never expected to learn (maybe even learn to juggle)!

At L’Oréal, you can expect to build a lifetime’s worth of memories.

Don't want to finish university without real-world experience? Great, we've got you covered!

Industrial Placement

If you're in your second year at university and eligible to take an industrial placement year, you can join our teams to develop yourself in ways you never thought possible. You’ll be part of a thriving Intern Community, with training available in some of our biggest global brands. Your journey might not stop there, because we'll consider you for our Management Trainee Program as well!

Summer Internship

Are you a current undergraduate university student looking to use your summer for something productive? You can benefit from our summer program! With options in different business functions, you can really start to prepare yourself for the future world.

Spring Insights

If you're a first-year undergraduate university student, then you'll love this insight program. You can expect training opportunities, the chance to socialize and network with industry experts, and the prospect of being considered for further opportunities as well.

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Step into the world of our current interns and understand what makes them tick.

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Industrial Placement

For 52 weeks, you could be in one of our many functions (Commercial, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain, Visual Merchandising and loads more!), with a salary of £20,000 per annum.

Summer Internship

Over 10 weeks of summer you could learn through some of our key functions. We recruit via our Brandstorm Competition, Undergraduate of the Year Award, and our Spring Insights Program and you'll have a salary of £20,000 per annum (pro rata).

Spring Insights

This one-week program is for first-year undergraduate university students interested in some of our core functions, including shadowing various teams and loads of learning opportunities. It is unpaid but we'll cover food and travel costs so you're not out of pocket!

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