At L’Oréal, whether you’re an Intern or an Apprentice, you can expect to bring your whole self to work. We embrace our differences and celebrate what makes us each unique. You will feel empowered at all stages of your career; to ask why, to ask why not, and to present your bold new ideas. Your colleagues will be there to support you, help you grow and teach you things you would have never expected to learn (maybe even learn to juggle)!

At L’Oréal, you can expect to build a lifetime’s worth of memories.

Welcome to the Germany Internship Program

The internship program at L’Oréal Germany enables you to increase your knowledge in your respective field, supports you in your personal development and helps you to build and expand your own network.

From day one, you will therefore take responsibility for your own tasks and can drive your own projects independently with your creative ideas. Of course, you will be supported by your personal mentor and your team as well as by HR. We’ll be at your side to answer your questions and provide feedback. In case you want to see some new faces, you are welcome to exchange ideas with colleagues from other departments or business units during a lunch or coffee date. In addition, get ready to engage with a large and lively intern community during and after your internship.

Diving deep into the role of a full-time employee and staying in touch are essential aspects of our internships, which is why it’s common for us to say “Welcome Back” to our interns after their studies.

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Key information about the Germany program.

With an internship at L’Oréal Germany, you can gain practical work experience from three to six months. Whether in Marketing, Key Account Management, Supply Chain, Controlling or in e-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence or Category Management, there are no limits when it comes to choosing the right field for you. We offer internships beginning each month, which allows us to adapt to your timing. You, in turn, only should make sure that you are either on your bachelor or master's program or on your gap year. Besides that, there are no time restrictions for you to start.

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