Whether it's working with journalists, communicating with 86,000 brilliant minds at L’Oréal, starting the new social media buzz, creating campaigns, or planning the next press release for our 36 international brands, we're thrilled to push boundaries to inspire the lives of billions of people around the world.

Be The Boss of the Buzz

It’s all about passion

You can be passionate about increasing brand exposure, managing social media or boosting employee engagement, and there will be a place for you in Communications and PR. Not to mention the ability to work directly with the press, plan key events, and prepare the next big brand release. We’re looking for communicators with high cultural-awareness that are ready to make people fall in love with our products across over 160 countries!

What’s next? You tell us

The way we communicate has changed A LOT over the years. We went from paper to radio, to television, to social media. No matter the medium, our comms teams will always be on the quest for the next groundbreaking campaign.