Our Business Development teams are all about figuring out those nitty-gritty details about how much of our business will grow and where that growth will come from. Our Sales teams are into building relationships and showing why our products are worth falling for.

It is about having the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing world of sales!

Discover what working at L'Oréal Sales and BD is like:

  • Alex, Leading Commercial at L’Oréal Denmark

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  • “Think Big, Act Big” Builds Winning Teams

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  • Success In Sales And Life Is Down To A Winning Mindset

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  • L'Oreal in figures

    2018 Annual Report

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Act as if L’Oréal was Your Own Company

Take initiative, fail, try again, succeed, and share your learnings to you push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

L’Oréal is a BIG family!

There is a lot to explore in our portfolio of 36 international brands. You’ll have plenty of hands to shake and deals to close. You’ll never get bored!