At L’Oréal, whether you’re an Intern, Management Trainee or Apprentice, you can expect to bring your whole self to work. We embrace our differences and celebrate what makes us each unique. You will feel empowered at all stages of your career; to ask why, to ask why not, and present your bold new ideas. Your colleagues will be there to support you, help you grow and teach you things you would never expect to learn (maybe even learn to juggle)!

At L’Oréal, you can expect to build a lifetime worth of memories.

Discover the stories of our junior talent.

Don’t Expect to Take a Back Seat at L'Oréal

We value entrepreneurship and expect you to act like the CEO of all of your projects. We work hard and move fast at L’Oréal, but don’t worry, we’re a learning culture where we embrace risks, accept failures and support growth!

Management Trainee Programme

We know that people are different; that is why we created a personalized Management Trainee Program just for you! Each year in more than 40 countries and regions we offer graduates from all different disciplines the chance to join this programme to transform from a student to a professional; giving you a unique overview of how different functions, brands, and divisions operate. The program consists of several rotations across different roles; depending on the location, it may last up to 18 months. As we believe in developing our talent from the ground up, many of our Apprentices, Summer Interns and standard Interns are transferred to Management Trainee successfully. The great news is that we also have several opportunities to offer to external graduates too!


Our Degree Apprenticeship is an extended programme that offers the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience with L’Oréal, and stay (or walk away!) with a Graduate degree. Depending on the location and regional laws, your tuition fees are fully or partially covered by L’Oréal, we also provide you with all the support necessary so you can adapt to both studying and working in a professional environment and a competitive yearly salary.


We're looking for determined achievers who are ready to throw themselves into major responsibilities from the very start! You will be paired with an assigned manager and mentor that will help guide you throughout your internship. Our Internship programs provide you with an orientation tailored to the length of your placement, giving you real insights into the workings of a multinational industry leader. Not to mention there are Summer Internships too; with seasonal programs in many of our brands, and across different functions we are sure to have one for you! 

Our leaders on campus!

As a leader in the beauty industry, L’Oréal has many useful insights to share with students; the skills required to succeed in an international organization, and what successful leadership looks like. Our Leaders on Campus is about much more than us sharing… it’s about hearing from you! When they visit campuses around the world, they will of course share their experiences and offer tips, but they ensure to spend time taking questions and hearing the valuable insights each student has to offer. Without you, L’Oréal could not continue its growth into the BeautyTech leader.