A career in Retail at L'Oréal means living and breathing the L'Oréal brands, learning beauty expertise and understanding your customers. You are encouraged to express yourself, to have fun, to be original and to discover the latest trends.

Retail at L’Oréal is about sharing passion and knowledge!

Discover what working at L'Oréal Retail is like

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The convergence of the online and offline worlds is changing the retail experience of our clients around the world. Augmented reality, AI, and big data enhance the consumer experience while letting us deep drive on consumer knowledge and service.

Our main goal is to provide customers with a personalized experience regardless of the distribution channel. They are the teams that ensure that people around the world have a ‘WOW’ experience every time they step in our stores.

The Future Of Retail!

Thanks to our teams and consumers, we are leading the market in terms of innovation, ways of working, new retail and sustainability.

Our consumers will continue to look for effective ingredients, the latest technologies, and the best sensorial and usage experience. With you and our large portfolio of brands, L’Oréal will be able to meet all their aspirations.