Annual Results

Stronger THAN EVER

L'Oréal's Annual Results for 2017 are out! With acceleration of growth at +5.5% like-for-like in 4th quarter, sales at 26.02 billion euros and record operating margin at 18%, we thank our 82 600 employees worldwide for all of our achievements made together last year!


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Career AREAS

Be the center of the digitally connected beauty. Invent the future. Flex your innovation muscle and put iconic products in billions of hands worldwide. When you love your work and the people you work with, amazing things can happen. Explore the amazing career opportunities with our 36 iconic brands!


Open Innovation


Our CEO Jean-Paul Agon has announced a strategic partnership with STATION F, the world's biggest startup campus in Paris! We are thrilled to empower the next generation of beauty enthusiastic entrepreneurs and accelerate the development of early stage digital startups. Together, no doubt we will create a powerful innovation synergy and a more beautiful future…

Innovation Competition


Last year, 34 000 students have joined Brandstorm to take control and disrupt the beauty industry! This year, our Brandstorm presents itself in a new version – the Hackathon. This means that you will directly work on the case at our German L’Oréal headquarter in Düsseldorf. The challenge for 2019: invent the future skincare experience for health-conscious consumers. Put your ideas to work. Make things that matter, things that make life better. Unleash your creativity by solving business challenges while being coached by top L'Oréal Experts. Soar with us!


Future Talent

Grads & Interns 

Beauty is more than a cool job with unbound creativity. Because when it comes to creating products that keep us ahead of the game in the Beauty industry we always challenge the status quo. When you join our passionate teams one thing we can promise you - you’ll never have a dull moment and will always have an opportunity to learn and grow. Eager to co-create the future of Beauty with us? Pick your team and soar to new heights today!



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