At L’Oréal, whether you’re an Intern or an Apprentice, you can expect to bring your whole self to work. We embrace our differences and celebrate what makes us each unique. You will feel empowered at all stages of your career; to ask why, to ask why not, and to present your bold new ideas. Your colleagues will be there to support you, help you grow and teach you things you would have never expected to learn (maybe even learn to juggle)!

At L’Oréal, you can expect to build a lifetime’s worth of memories.

France, the heart of the L’Oréal organization.

France is home to the International Development teams for the majority of our 36 brands, the Operation and Research & Innovations teams, and the French Market teams, without forgetting the teams of our 11 factories. This French specificity offers you internship and apprenticeship opportunities in all fields: Communications, Digital, Finance, HR, IT, Marketing, Merchandising, Operations, Retail, R&I, Sales, and more.

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We are sure that you think you know L’Oréal – red lipstick and high heels, right? So, let us tell you one thing: that is not who we are and that is not what we are looking for. You don’t need to wear foundation to build a career here, and you don’t need highlights to be high-tech (oh, and by the way, most of us wear sneakers)! What you do need is a passion for people, pace and a visionary mindset on how to disrupt the #future!

Willing to join us? The best periods to apply are in January and September. We offer 6-month internships with a monthly salary of €1,250 - 1,400 for master’s degree students.

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