We create personalized brand experiences online and offline that make our consumers the heroes of our brand story. Every day, we push boundaries in the world of traditional and digital strategies focusing on all that big data has to offer.

Marketing at L’Oréal is about triggering real emotion!

Discover what marketing at L’Oréal is like

  • The future of Marketing

    The What, How and YOU

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  • Quickfire Questions with Jaime

    Meet our Chief Marketing Officer

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  • Destiny is Calling:

    How Marketing Became The Chosen Career Path of Damiano

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  • I never thought I’d end up working in beauty

    Meet Francesca, Armani Beauty General Manager

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  • From Ballerina to Haircare Marketing Manager

    Meet Raffaella

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  • Connecting Architecture and Marketing at L’Oréal

    Meet Laura

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The best ideas didn't come from keeping quiet

L’Oréal Marketing is the kind of place where you can bring your whole self to work, including your tattoos, piercings and blue hair. By finding the sweet spot of professionalism and passion, we can question the status quo of traditional marketing to create inspiring and thought-provoking content. Above all, we have the confidence to put ourselves out there and share ideas.