Our Finance teams turn data into insights and risk analysis into solutions while ensuring the Group’s financial performance is top notch. Rational and visionary, we work with all parts of the business across our 36 international brands - from customer planning to performance analysis, our teams play a key business role.

We bring numbers to life!

Discover what working in Finance at L'Oréal is like

  • Meet Tainá on L’Oréal Finance in the Fast Line.

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  • Finance: The Unexpected Core of Brand Strategies.

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  • Meet Liam

    Embracing L’Oréal’s Digital Transformation in Finance

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  • Meet Alessia

    From Daredevil Surfer to Finance Controller

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  • Meet Adonis

    From intern to full timer

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Problem-solvers at heart, we tweak and try until we crack it

We have a diverse range of expertise at L'Oréal Finance, including Financial Planning & Controlling, Internal Audit, Mergers and Acquisitions, Treasury, Tax and Consolidation.