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Full - Time

Join our teams and devote 1 day per week to an association!

A taste of your daily life in this internship?

It’s 10am, it’s Friday and Tom isn’t here… It’s logic: Tom is doing a shared internship at L’Oréal and devotes one day per week to an association. So.. see you on Monday!

Like Tom, for your internship choose an experience that suits you! You can now join the L’Oréal Group teams and get involve in the voluntary sector thanks to the Vendredi system! Develop your skills faster thanks to your responsibilities in a large and small structure during your internship. 

L'Oréal, yes but do you really know us?

Yes, we know that you think you know L’Oréal - you might even think of red lipstick and high-heels. Well, for those of you who did, let us tell you one thing: that’s not who we are and that’s not what we are looking for. Truth be told more than 40% of our French work force is masculine (and most of us are wearing sneakers by the way)! What you do need is a passion for people, pace and a visionary mindset on how to disrupt the #future!

 Beauty is our DNA. From the very first hair dye L’Oréal produced in 1909 to our innovative Beauty Tech products and services today, our company has been a pure player and leader in the beauty sector worldwide for decades.
We believe that beauty, the quest for beauty, unites us all. It is a fundamental need that goes beyond mere “appearance” and taps deep into human aspirations: a sense of belonging, self-realization, self-confidence... We strive to help women and men all over the world fulfill these aspirations, while understanding and respecting all the nuances in cultures, needs and traditions.

And so our mission is to offer to all women and men on the planet the best of beauty in terms of quality, efficacy, safety and responsibility. With such strong foundations, we conceive and build an infinite diversity of beauty products and services – in order to share the best of beauty with everyone, everywhere.

Our 36 International brands are looking for courageous minds, challenging innovators and strategic out-of-the-box thinkers.

The opportunity to do your solidarity internship is proposed by two different entities: Operations and Research & Innovation.

As an ally of the brands, Operations always develop and seek the most agile, innovative, efficient and responsible solutions to meet the specific requirements and diversity of consumers. You will be able to join and discover sectors such as:

  • Packaging
  • Supply Chain
  • Industrial Development
  • Purchasing
  • EHS
  • Quality

For L’Oreal, beauty is above all a scientific adventure. This principle is reflected in the key role played by our Research & Innovation division, which deploys its teams all around the world to dream up and create the products of tomorrow:

  • Formulation
  • Analytic or organic chemistry, physico-chemistry
  • Toxicology, regulatory affairs, industrial property
  • Scientifc promotion and scientific communication
  • Biology, microbiology
  • Project Management and Open Innovation

Want to apply for your solidarity internship?

Here are the next steps!

1.       Click on "Apply now", fill in your details and upload your CV

2.       Answer to our survey, so that we can determinate the most suitable business and entity for your project.

3.       You will then talk to MYA, our chatbot, to make sure you meet all the necessary administrative requirements (don't worry, this is not an interview),

4.       You will receive a link by e-mail in order to answer 3 questions via our artificial intelligence tool Seedlink, whose answers allow us to evaluate your cultural "fit" with L'Oréal (after a week without a response to Seedlink, your application may not be processed by our teams!).

5.       It’s up to you to convince us! – Tell us why you want to do a solidarity internship through a one-minute video explaining the reasons of your motivation or through a short text of around ten lines.

6.       If your CV is selected, you will be invited to a telephone interview with a recruiter. This is an exploratory discussion to get to know you better and identify the job, the field, the division relevant for you.

7.       Last step if the exploratory interview is positive: you will have the opportunity to meet your potential future manager for a second and final interview to discuss the missions entrusted to you. This interview can take place during a collective recruitment event if you are available, or during a more traditional individual interview.

What is in for you?

·       6 months surrounded by passionate teams

·       1 day per week in an association thanks to Vendredi

·       A learning experience where you can stretch yourself personally and professionally

·       A lot of challenges and opportunities to be seized and as many responsibilities to take

·       The opportunity to innovate and create the products of tomorrow

·       HR follow-up to accompany you throughout your journey

·       A compensation between 1250€ and 1400€ gross per month

·       Unlimited access to the L’Oréal online learning platform to further support your development

·       And of course, access to discounted products from L'Oréal brands

What do you need to apply?

·       You are a Master’s student in Business School / Engineering School / University

·       You are looking for a gap-year or end-of-studies internship

·       You are able to provide an internship agreement of 6 months issued by your school

What qualities will help you land the internship?

·       Convincing. You explain your ideas clearly, based on sound reasoning.

·       Entrepreneurial. You like to try new things and discover new ways of doing things!

·       Team player. You have excellent interpersonal skills and easily find your place in a team.

·       Open-minded. You exchange on your ideas and integrate the opinions of others in order to find the optimal solution.

·       Creative. You like to think outside the box and propose innovative solutions.

·       Generous. You like to give your time and share your knowledge and skills.