Dubai, Dubai
Full - Time


            Enthusing the business about products within brand

            Building and executing the annual product plan leading to consumer recruitment and loyalty

            Executing product campaigns and the media and search strategies supporting them

            Reacting to a launch, consumer behaviours and managing social media

• Creating Launch EPOS and Product Launch Review (to measure and evaluate the success of the product launch)

• Programmatic (precision advertising) strategy and execution for campaigns (supported by IMC/agencies)

            Allocation and execution of budget for paid social posts

            Carrying out relevant actions and updating the team on consumer recruitment metrics and consumer sentiment (from Consumer Insights Tracking)

            Completing NPD form and sending to PR / rest of team

            Knowledge sharing with the team

            Delivering the Internal Buzz

            Updating the team on ad-hoc EPOS notes for new product launches and Market Share Notes for zone/DMI (Sell out Tracking)


            Owning overall merchandising for business-as-usual merchandising

Qualifications, Knowledge and Experience Required

            Consistent strong performance and results in previous roles

            Able to work cross-functionally at all levels

            Strong sensitivity to metier

            Has demonstrated creativity and developing new ideas

            Ability to project manage across a number of 'functions' and juggle many skills

            3-4 years of experience (could be less if experience on hair/skin)


L’Oréal Competencies:

            Acts/Leads with human sensitivity

            Displays sensitivity to the ‘metier’ of L’Oréal

            Demonstrates entrepreneurship


            Achieves results, with integrity

            Manages complexity

            Interacts effectively

Marketing Competencies:

            Translates trends and consumer knowledge into meaningful and actionable insights

            Develops category expertise

            Identifies and leverages the relevant market drivers

            Understands brand equity levers to craft Love Brands

            Articulates brand strategy

            Imagines disruptive products and experiences

            Optimises brand and product portfolio

            Activates IMC campaigns

            Fosters superior activation in other fields

            Orchestrates cooperation between key departments/stakeholders

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