Seoul, Seoul
[L'oreal Korea] Logistic Operator-E-Commerce part - Corporate Operation Distribution Center (물류센터 온라인 물류담당)


Logistic Operator-E-Commerce part : 물류센터 온라인 물류 담당자
  • 온라인 주문 피킹, 출고 관리 : 네이버, 자사몰, 카카오 (오더 컷오프 및 택배 차량 배차)
  • 도급사 물류 업무 감독 
  • 이커머스 프로세스 개선
  • 이커머스 업무 연관된 안전, 보안 관리
  • 재고관리

[우대사항 및 자격요건]
  • 자격요건: 야간근무 가능자
  • 근무지: 이천 물류센터 오피스
  • 고졸 이상 (초대졸/대졸 가능)
  • 5~7 years
  • 화장품 물류센터 이커머스 업무 경험자 우대 
  • 유관 부서와 커뮤니케이션 원활하신 분

**이력서는 필수로 업로드해주세요

[Job Summary]

PD E commerce Specialist 
Carry out the necessary operations for the activities of E commerce orders preparation/ shipping, in compliance with the QSHE procedures and the performance objectives. 

  • Carry out all types of E commerce orders preparation: Naver, Own E commerce, Kakao
  • Carry out the necessary operations for reception, replenishment & shipping together with operations asked by the manager.
  • Alert, correct or avoid dangerous situations or non conformities and inform concerned people of the actions carried out. 
  • Share and transmit his/her knowledge and the job best practices to new collaborators. 
  • Participate to stock management (warning role in case of anomaly, etc...)
  • Take part in the continuous improvement policy (participation to meetings, teamworks or transversal projects). 
  • Work under team spirit with all concerned actors by facilitating mutual support and cooperation. 
  • Get used to the evolutions of norms, procedures, organizational modes, tools and equipment.

[Preferred & Qualification]
  • Available to work on the Night Shift
  • Location: Icheon-si Physical Distribution Center
  • Highschool graduate (University graduate is also available)
  • 5~7 years
  • Physical distribution center experience or cosmetic industry experience preferred 
  • Sufficient communication skills with relevant departments. 
  • Analysis and problem-solving skills.

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