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Research & Innovation
Full - Time

In the words of the philosopher Michel Serres, “Beauty is neither futile nor merely useful, it is essential.”

Beauty is universal.  A single model of beauty doesn't exist: there is an infinity, linked to different time periods, cultures and people. Beauty is a constant quest, it's an endless exploration, a search for an ideal and therefore science and innovation are key.

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The goal of this community is to show you what’s possible in the near future. Let’s deal with today’s uncertainty together maintaining a positive attitude.

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(a) Fragrance Specialist: with strong olfactory capabilities & focused on fragrance evaluation

(b) Formulation Scientist: with formulation instincts & the ability to make a consumer- centric winning product in hair, make-up or skin category

Let’s stay safe & value the lessons learnt today for we can take them along with us to a bright future tomorrow.

Who we are:

L’Oréal’s Research and Innovation is divided into 4 main branchesadvanced research (developing knowledge in the major scientific fields related to L’Oréal’s business and the creation of predictive evaluation models), domain application (creating new formulae and developing new product concepts), development (developing formulae for providing the brands with safe, innovatory products) and support functions (regulatory affairs, evaluation, IT, EHS etc.). Our teams work across branches in newly formed domains.

In India, we have three research & innovation facilities: an advanced research center in Bengaluru, a state-of-the-art laboratory set-up for our domain application & development teams in Mumbai & a pilot plant in Pune (Chakan).

About L’Oreal

For more than a hundred years, L’Oréal believes that beauty is backed by Science. "The mission of the L'Oréal Group is to offer every man and woman the best in Cosmetic Innovation in terms of Quality, Efficiency and Safety, to respond to the infinite diversity of beauty aspirations around the world." In a world now transformed by digital technology and the emergence of new scientific Domains, we are confident in our ability to turn these opportunities into major innovations, closely linked to the new consumer expectations all over the world. Science & Technology are allowing us to invent safe, trustable, sustainable & responsible beauty products and experiences that will change people’s lives. 
L’Oréal R&I has continuously invested upstream in its research with a high level of ambition. Our, 3800 L'Oréal R&I, people are talented and highly skilled, located in major markets, working in a cooperative way, opened to the world. 

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