Tokyo, Tokyo
Full - Time

Key Job Accountabilities  主要職務           

1) Customer inquiry and complaints handling through phone, email, chat, active support on SNS            

2) Outsourced management            

3) Communication with other team(brands, QA, CC, Legal, contact center etc.) to reply to consumers appropriately             

4) Summary and Analyze VOC(Voice of Customer)            

5) General Customer service and administrative duties to handle complaints            

6) Cooperation with outside association             

7) To implement a new approach to customer care, by using the latest tech.            


Must Have Aspects 必須項目             

Minimum 3 years experience in customer service / education(trainer) / sales /CRM            

Microsoft MS Application, Excel, Access, Power Point Skill at least Intermediate Level            

Japanese native speaker            

English Skill(reading, speaking-communication with customer on the phone) at least Intermediate Level            

Experience at Contact Center system building such as chat, FAQ            


Preferred Qualification 希望項目             

Experience at Cosmetic Company            

Experience at E-commerce Business            

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