Sales & Business Development
Full - Time
Position: Responsible for LRL Mex EC B2C channel related work, including JD self-run, JD pop, VIP, Yunji, Kaola, Jumei, Suning and others. Report to: Mex Online Leader Key Work Responsibilities: 1. Based on Brand TMKT products & channel strategy, develop sub-channel execution plan based on sales needs - Monthly execution plan combine with new products strategy and animation program; - Maximize resources into execution plan to better achieve top line target; - Monitor bottom up promotion program in line with promotion guidance/pa depth and ttl depth; - Daily weekly monthly check promotion results. 2. Co-work with sales planning team to do the actual figures and quarterly target for - Weekly simulation; - 3y template; - Master template. 3. Monthly and quarterly review report, focus on - Top line achievement; - Top 7 performance; - New products performance; - Big day / big big day / super big day performance; - Road show performance; - Lesson and learn. 4. Monthly FCST to well support business and weekly tracking shipment in-line with budget - Mini & BOM FCST; - GWP plan; - FG FCST; - Control A&P. 5. Budget overall control Qualifications: - Bachelor's degree or above; - Over 3 years experience in EC channel trade marketing in FMCG or related industry; - Excellent data sense and analysis skill with strong business acumen; - Excellent communication and interpersonal skill; - KA background is a plus; - Proactive, smart person and can work under pressure.
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