Full - Time

My role as Customer Care Officer:

Be the interlocutor of customers within Customer Service and ensure the complete execution of the order-to-invoice cycle (including reverse flows).

I am responsible for:

•Establishing a personalized relationship with all customers from all 4 Divisions in order to optimize the service level

•Proactively ensuring order processing and follow-up until invoicing

•Recording in Kepler Service and efficiently answering to the customers’ requirements (deadlines, shortages, information, disputes) in a defined timeframe

•Recording in Kepler Service, analyzing, following up and solving the disputes’ situations (complains, deductions, returns etc.) in accordance with the Credit Manager, the Sales and Controlling teams, and the Physical Distribution

•Answering phone calls of all customers form all 4 Divisions and sorting entering emails on the unique email address of Customer Service

My competencies:

•Customer oriented

•Operational excellence and agility

•Controls risks, operates responsibly and acts proactively

•Bilingual FR+NL (ENG is a plus) 

•SAP, Kepler Service

•Customer Care best practices

•Communication skills (getting into customer’s shoes)

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