Calgary, Alberta
Full - Time


The role of a business development manager is to serve as an intermediary and facilitator for the Matrix & Biolage Brand message, into the province or territory managed, with their distributor. They are responsible for the growth and development of the brand with said distributor in the territory of WESTERN CANADA: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan

This involves working closely with the distributor and their team of DSC’s (distributor sales consultants), store network and online team to ensure that they have all the tools and support them need to reach their full potential. It also means being able to bring back feedback to the head office to ensure that the ramifications of promotions or strategies can be analyzed and improved upon. This individual will also be responsible for building relationships and Joint Business Plans with top accounts, to be able to develop them faster and build our network of stylists.


1. SELL IN: Build a plan and agree with the distributors on Sell-In and Inventory objectives for the year and by month. Own the monthly and yearly Sell-In number. Analyze all weekly PO’s and offer recommendations on what is required. Ensure that the balance of the month or year is on track and call out any risks or opportunities being placed by the distributor.

2. SELL OUT: Build a plan and agree with the distributors on Sell-Out objectives plan for the year by month. Offer solutions to overcome objections of sell out execution plans. Own the monthly sell-out number (by channel, stores, street w/o chains, chains) and track the results monthly.

Follow up with the plans with the FSM/DSC and Stores.

Prepare the Monthly Note on time and with a complete analysis of sell out vs/ sell in on strategic launches and promotions both qualitative and quantitative results for all categories.

3. Grow current client base – Manage Key Accounts

- Plan visits with/without DSC and/or Education to ensure proper targets/plans from salons.

- Target to have 50%+ account with 5+ brands pillars.

4. Detailing days – Minimum of 6-8 days per month – split equally rep/stores/accounts. Be very present and involved with clients/distributors by planning 6-8 days per month visiting salons either alone or with DSC’s. There is no better way to understand the realities of what is happening in the field than speaking directly to the salons, DSC’s and stores.

5. New Partnerships: Maintain a list of Top 20 New Partnership accounts. Net New Partnership Doors 150-200 doors per year.

6. Organize Business Reviews monthly with the distributor and create clear action plans. Organize visits/calls every 6-8 weeks. Organize monthly Top to Top with all management teams. Organize Business reviews with the GM and Sales Director every 3 months.

7. Prepare sales meeting presentations. Prepare the plan for the upcoming sales meetings. Establish time needed to see what is impactful and necessary to present either promotions or additional upskilling. Adjust the content to be specifically relevant to the audience. Offer/Coach solutions or ideas for the sales team on HOW to go about placing offers. Include the Education teams to be involved or offer technical cues or exercises in order to better prepare the team to talk about products to salons.

8. Ownership of Business Development Funds & Budgets : Budget: Respect allocations for Travel expenses, BDF and SPIFF ROI. BDF Manage all the invoices/payments coming in, and ensure the budgets are within targets. Knowing what is remaining in your BDF budgets at all times. Giving you the opportunity on where you can spend and/or cut. Call out any risks and/or opportunities.

9. Analyze all findings and report back with clear notes to management and necessary team members with potentials risks and opportunities, with possible solutions. Consistent communication and follow up with necessary team members.


- Master commerce fundamentals: activate business drivers/pursue turnover and profit optimization/stay up to date with market, clients and competitors/build on category insight

- Develop customer centric business: collect and connect comprehensive knowledge about the client/ability to influence/ ability to build growth plans/Collaborate across functions

- Build selling proposition and negotiate build sell-in stories/set negotiation priorities/conduct win-win negotiation

- Monitors sell-in and sell-out excellence: forecast business with accuracy/drive point of sales execution/follow up and control/Manage distributor’s staff relationship/ Build relationship with top accounts

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