Hong Kong, Central and Western
Retail Corporate
Full - Time

Key Job Accountabilities

1.      To follow and contribute conception and implementation of visual merchandising projects online and offline; in line with brand and division direction, timelines and budget.

2.      Reinforce brand image and visibility at all distributions and platforms.

3.      Ensure the brand métier/ VM tone & manner/ professional appeal is communicating correctly.

4.      Liaise with all internal & external parties to coordinate the conception, production and delivery and installation of any kind of materials.

5.      Monitor cost by working within the budget and ensure finance follow-up.

6.      Guaranties ROI of POS in line with business objectives.

7.      Implement the new retail consumer journey for O+O.

8.      Multimedia support on eCommerce including static and motion designs.


1.      Proven work experience in visual communications with a comprehensive portfolio of relevant works.

2.      Working knowledge of printing and production.

3.      Interested in digital visual merchandising and beauty tech.

4.      Ability to analyze visual merchandising + finance reports.

5.      Proficiency in using Adobe Creative Suite programs, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or other visual design tools.

6.      Proficiency in MS Office Suite.

7.      Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

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