Nas lojas e nos balcões da L'Oréal

O varejo está mudando e está a passos largos como sempre, por isso estamos procurando pessoas apaixonadas que abracem isso e ajudem a impulsionar nosso negócio de varejo. Nossos balcões estão no seu ponto mais inovador e bonito enquanto abraçamos a mudança e capacitamos nossas equipes de varejo como nunca antes. Nossas marcas são diversas e, portanto, você pode ser você, seja você especializado em cuidados com a pele, maquiagem ou fragrância. Para oferecer uma experiência de classe mundial ao cliente no balcão, precisamos de pessoas que amem a beleza e que estejam ansiosas para aprender, entusiasmadas para se desenvolver e realmente se preocupar com nossos clientes.

O futuro do varejo é agora: Junte-se a nós para a viagem!

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The Power of Beauty to Every Life.
From the World to Japan, from Japan to the World.

We provide women, men, young people and seniors, our business partners, and our employees with the power to live mindfully and confidently through beauty. From among the innovative products offered by the Group, we select the most suitable products for our customers based on Japan's unique aesthetic sense, sometimes fine-tuning the formulas and other aspects of the products, and introduce them for Japan. As a hub of innovation in Asia, we will also provide unique products and services developed based on Japan's unique ideas and creativity, not only to Japan but also to the world.

You are the one who will create the "beauty" of tomorrow.

A L'ORÉAL Journey for Each of Us

At L'ORÉAL Japan, each of us can have a diverse career path. Whether you are a specialist with higher knowledge and techniques and specialized skills, a makeup artist who is the face of the brand, a store manager, an area manager or a trainer, you can take your own L'ORÉAL journey.

  • The satisfaction of working as a beauty consultant

  • From Beauty Consultant to Artist.
    Ms. Tokuzawa.

  • From artist to area manager.
    Mr. Tsuji.

L'Oréal Brandstorm 2020

We are committed to meeting the values and needs of each and every customer through the resonance of a wide variety of distinctive brands selected from around the world.

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A training system for growth

We focus on the education system so that you can stand in the store with confidence. After joining the company, you will learn about the history and overview of the company and each brand. After classroom training, you will go to the store to perform what you learned from the training. After three months, you will go back to the head office to brush up on your skills.

We also provide other extensive training throughout the year, such as skincare expert, make-up expert, new product training, and make-up lessons for various career paths.

Beauty Consultant Job Support System
Love & Care Project.

This project is based on the voices of our beauty staff, and is designed to help them achieve a more flexible and diverse work style that is compatible with childbirth, childcare, nursing, childrearing, and family life to suit various life stages.

We have started a system to reduce overtime work and allow all employees to take at least five consecutive days off every year.

In addition, we have reviewed the shortened working hours system for childcare, and started a system that allows employees to extend their childcare short working hours system until their child turns 10 years old, or childcare leave until their child turns 3 years old, etc. This is a project unique to L'ORÉAL Japan that started in 2015.

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    (Assi.) KA Manager, Suguo, Nanjing, CPD

    Nanjing Chinese Mainland Publicado em 24-Mar-2023
    - Build the joint business plan with the account(s). Contribute to the commercial vision by sharing account perspective, risks and opportunities. - Build, accurately forecasts and achieve the account (s) results: turnover, market share, profit. Plan all growth drivers accordingly. - Prepare and...
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    (Assi.) KA Manager, WMT,CPD

    Shanghai Chinese Mainland Publicado em 17-Mar-2023
    - Under the supervision of the Key account Leader, build the joint business plan with the account(s). Contribute to the commercial vision by sharing account perspective, risks and opportunities. - Build, accurately forecasts and achieve the account (s) results: turnover, market share, profit....
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    (Assistant) Mobility Manager

    Shanghai Chinese Mainland Publicado em 24-Feb-2023
    - Participate in recommendations involving the department's organizational choices, developments in policy and tools for monitoring activity. - Handle the entire mobility process in order to ensure the effectiveness of international movements over his/her area of responsibility. - Ensure the...
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    (Ass) Revenue Growth Management Manager

    Shanghai Chinese Mainland Publicado em 12-Sep-2022
    The Revenue Growth Management (RGM) team at L’Oréal is a strategic consulting and analytics function within the company’s Consumer Products Division. RGM works across brands like L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline, NYX Professional Makeup, and MAGIC to help understand market and consumer dynamics and...
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    (Assistant) TMKT Manager, LID

    Shanghai Chinese Mainland Publicado em 06-Feb-2023
    1. Responsible for strategic planning, deployment, and review l Sales and budget planning to leverage existing resource to drive offline & online channel business. l Product portfolio and mechanism planning to boost sales on all channels. l Profitability simulation of business...
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