In Store and On Counters at L'Oréal

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Working in Retail is more than just a job

Our teams evolve within a portfolio of Luxury brands while gaining beauty expertise. At L’Oréal Switzerland, each individual is involved in the definition of the brand’s strategy and constantly encouraged to share ideas as well as challenge the status-quo. “Run it as your own business” is our mantra and “your attitude” is what will make the difference!

Retail, a vibrant environment to grow your career

Every day, we strive to develop a unique relationship with our local and international customers while creating fantastic Department Store experiences.

To achieve this goal, we provide our employees with trainings and updates on the latest trends in the industry, as well as specific development programs for their personal and professional growth.

Liliana Faria – Retail Manager

As part of my commercial studies, I did an internship in the perfume department at Galeries Lafayette in Paris when I was 17.

This exciting world turned out to be an obvious choice for me and when I arrived in Switzerland at the age of 21, I had the privilege to land a job as Counter Manager for YSL Beauty and 10 other brands in a department store.

That's when my experience as a manager started with the responsibility of a fixed person. Since 2019, I am in charge of the sales points in the Geneva and Lausanne area for the brands of the Luxury Division.

I currently have about 30 female employees in my team. How would I describe my professional life in a few words? Diversified, exciting and very busy! I like the autonomy of my job, the diversity of tasks and the diversity of my teams.

Liliana Faria – Retail Manager

Céline Monnet - Counter Manager Kiehl’s

I joined the L’Oréal group in December 2017 and am now Counter Manager for Kiehl’s at Globus Geneva. I was in ready-to-wear and was recruited by a Retail Manager in the field. Kiehl’s personalised and expert approach made me want to enter the beauty world.

At L’Oréal, I’ve been able to develop my skills by taking many courses, and my expertise has earned me the Kiehl’s Legacy Award.

Going to work is a real pleasure for me; not only do I believe in the brand, I also have the privilege of helping my team participate and having a business vantage point. The office team’s availability, responsiveness and listening skills are significant and are helping me to improve my point of sale.

In conclusion, I would say, "Put your heart into what you do and you will be rewarded".

Céline Monnet - Counter Manager Kiehl’s Globus Geneva

Laurence Toussaint – Education Director

I started my career at L'Oréal in the Luxury division, as a Beauty Consultant. I had the opportunity to move to Paris as a Technical Sales Representative for Travel Retail Europe Middle East & Africa, for the brands of the L'Oréal Luxury division.

My role was to develop retail strategies and to train and supervise the trainers in charge of the teams in the field. Because of my desire to take on a new challenge, I arrived in Switzerland as Lancôme Training Manager.

Today, I cover the role of Education Director for all L'Oréal Luxury brands in Switzerland. If you are passionate and have an initiating spirit, you can do anything at L'Oréal.

The proof? I am self-taught, I trained directly on the job. I always wanted to stay at L'Oréal because I like the people I meet there, the atmosphere and the dynamics of the Group.

Laurence Toussaint – Education Director

Henny Rotaris – Counter Manager YSL

I started my career at L'Oreal in 1991 and today I am Counter Manager for YSL at Globus Basel. I finished my training, then I was discovered by the head of YSL Beauty, and I decided to stay with the group.

When I was younger, my mother was very strict, but I discovered a passion for dancing that later turned into a passion for beauty; I was in charge of doing my friends' makeup and hair.

What I love about my job is the constant contact with my clients and seeing how I transform them through makeup. They keep telling me that I bring them a better quality of life through the products I use. Because of this and my knowledge of the products, I make a lot of sales.

At L'Oréal, there is a very good team spirit and everyone helps each other, which makes our daily work all the more enjoyable.

Henny Rotaris – Counter Manager YSL

Diversity & Inclusion at the heart

Switzerland is a Big Small Country: small in size, but our diversity makes us great. We strongly believe that the diversity of our teams is our biggest strength to serve a diversity of clients. It it is when our employees are accepted and valued for what they are that they can show their full potential and achieve outstanding results.

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