L’Oréal’s genetic code

Our values are embedded in L’Oréal’s genetic code.

We are looking for people with passion, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, open-mindedness, quest for excellence, and responsibility, together with ethical principles that are Integrity, Respect, Courage, and Transparency.

Tanayos Khrutrabiab
Human Resources Director
L’Oréal Thailand

Nuestra gente

L’Oréal is a people company with great success since the beginning. We always put our People First and so much care about diversity and inclusion which has always been part of our fundamental values at L'Oréal.

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Sharing Beauty With All

As part of L’Oréal’s sustainability programme, Sharing Beauty With All, launched in 2013, the Group set itself a series of tangible commitments towards 2020. They address all its impacts and engage its whole value chain.

Management Trainee Program by L’Oréal

Is an intensive program to prepare you to be the future of L’Oréal. Your tailor-made development track is guaranteed to give your career an excellent head-start. You will build up your own network, gain an overview of culture and an insight into the world’s leading beauty group.