Seoul, Seoul
Full - Time
[Stylenanda/3CE] IMC Specialist - 3CE Domestic Business

[Job Summary]

1. Digital Viral 
  • Support KOL management: Youtuber/Creators/Make-up artists/Press 
  • Support and execute viral programs: manage reviewers, create viral videos
  • Manage owned channels: Facebook and Website
    - Plan, handle and execute Facebook calendar aligned with marketing campaign
    - Change and adapt products’ page by marketing campaign and calendar 
  • Testimonial Programs: Café Powder room, mellow tree, and with magazine…

2. PR actions
  • Press kit: planning & executing to deliver press kits to KOLs 
  • Local model: support planning & shooting for videos and stills
  • Press release: create draft press materials 
  • PR stock managements
  • PR monitoring & Magazine Seeding

3. Media AD
  • Support Brand search AD
  • Support digital AD 

4. Reports
  • Competitors’ reports 
  • Monthly IMC recap 

[Qualification & Preferred]
  • University graduate
  • 3~6 yrs. experience  
  • at least 3years’ experience in the beauty industry as a PR/Communication Specialist
  • Korean, Good level of English preferred 
  • Computer skill proficiency : MS PPT, Excel, Word

**Resume is required to apply
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