Shanghai, Shanghai Shi
Full - Time
Position: North Asia Data Quality Leader
Reported to Packaging Manager / Lead Data Quality Leader
Key Job Accountabilities
Data management
• Understand & qualify the business requirement: scope, issues, objectives
• Define critical objects & attributes
• Audit the current situation and root cause main gaps
• Implement remediation actions with support from the data steward and custodian on the main gaps
• Animate, data custodian and consult data architect on quality matters
Data-related policies
• Ensure the respect of the product data group standards/policies
• Document & communicate the new best practices/standards
• Write new, policy-compliant processes where required
Quality monitoring and improvement
• Implement domain KPIs to measure data quality within domain and monitor deviation from acceptable quality levels
Job Requirements:
Data-related technical skills
• Has deep understanding of Information standards (Group & International norms)
• Has previous experience with Data Management-related tools
Soft skills
• Excellent English or French communication
C1 - Internal use
• Teamwork/Adaptability
• “Business oriented “, better to familiar with product business.
• Analytical skills (root cause analysis)
• Able to identify & propose new solutions (Problem solving oriented)
• Training kits creation & deployment for Business teams
Project management
• Is skilled in Agile project management
Navigation within the organization
• Has deep understanding of:
○ L’Oréal Organization & Data Organizations
○ L’Oréal System functional architecture
• Is capable of mobilizing data Stewards (of the domain & operational), Data Custodians on quality improvement actions within perimeter
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