Seoul, Seoul
Corporate Affairs & Engagement
Full - Time
[L'oreal Korea] Social Media Communication Specialist - Corporate Affairs & Engagement team

[Job Summary]
We are looking for a passionate, self-motivated and talented social media communication specialist to join our L’Oréal Korea Corporate Affairs & Engagement (CA&E) team. The CA&E team at L’Oréal Korea is responsible for building L’Oréal group reputation in Korea, as the most trusted, loved and admired beauty company in the world. As a social media communication specialist, you will be expected to manage group’s digital communication, including social media communication and website management, as well as the group’s corporate campaign on the sense of purpose. 

Job responsibilities includes:
  • Develop a 360 digital communication strategy, in line with the global direction and the local business strategy, to enhance group visibility and reputation and to increase engagement over time 
  • Be responsible for creating digital content for social media channels 
  • Manage L’Oréal Korea’s digital channels including the website and social media channels 
  • Closely monitor digital coverage and take proactive action for social community management and to increase engagement 
  • Work closely within the CA&E team and the brand communications teams to activate the right content at the right time 
  • Lead group’s corporate campaign on the sense of purpose by liaising closely with the global corporate brand teams, global social media teams, and the local media team 

[Core Work Activities]
  • Content creation for L’Oréal Korea 
  • Corporate social media campaigns 
  • L’Oréal Korea social media channel management 
  • L’Oréal Korea Website management 

[Qualification & Preferred]
  • University graduate
  • +6-7 years
  • Min 5 years of experience in social media communications and website management 
  • Strong content creation skills including writing, picture and video editing 
  • Ideally, someone with experience in beauty or FMCG 
  • Sensitive to the market and employees. Critical thinker and learner. 
  • Strong creativity and curiosity 
  • Ability to work in a matrix organization with different stakeholders 
  • Strong entrepreneurship with a to-do attitude, flexibility, and courage to go out of comfort zone 
  • High level of professionalism and maturity 
  • Fluent in both Korean and English
  • Photoshop, Video editing skills 

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