Tokyo, Tokyo
Training & Education
Full - Time
Key Responsibilities: 

・Develop & design training materials and ensure their deployment by local teams in each country

・Develop the blended training content for product novelties & BAs expertise (on & off): training module / training sheet / training guidelines / e-learning / digital pedagogical activities
・Develop Experts academy to empower BAs on hard skills
・Provide innovative training experiences & training assets
・Analyze country feedback on projects, tools and seminars for continuous improvement

・Train and coach local teams

・Understand country expectations to offer tailored-made tools & trainings according to their specific needs
・Train & coach trainers in each country for a local relay to the BA to ensure the growth of sell in/out country
・Retail Education International Seminar
・National Makeup Artist Seminar
・APAC Seminar
・Best BAs Awards

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