Shanghai, Shanghai Shi
Full - Time

1.       Responsible for strategic planning, deployment, and review

l  Sales and budget planning to leverage existing resource to drive offline & online channel business.

l  Product portfolio and mechanism planning to boost sales on all channels.

l  Profitability simulation of business investment/new business model

l  Budget allocation in different channels and activities

2.     Responsible for data analysis and business projection

l  Regular measure, analysis and report performance of all D2C & offline campaigns ROI and upcoming trends through different resources.

l  Collaborate with supply chain /sales /marketing team to manage demand planning and the storage

3.     Responsible for market and competitor analysis

l  Collect key competitors key indicators such as consumer portfolio/market share and ranking/WOB by city/UV construction, etc.

l  Track and monitor competitor sales data analysis and reaction to generate external market intelligence


-       TMKT/EC/Finance background of beauty/consumer industry is preferred

-       Good at data analysis and logical thinking

-       Strong ownership and learning agility

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