Shanghai, Shanghai Shi
Full - Time
Goal to achieve: To create value through technology within the framework of the project; based on the level of responsibility, to define and pilot for the Finance function strategy and objectives by implementing applications, the processes and the masterdata, in collaboration with the different project actors (sponsors, KU, IT, external stakeholders, entities, Group…).
• Analyze the major pillars of the project, the objectives, the challenges and the gaps, in relation with the Sponsor and the different stakeholders
• Define and manage the resource allocation, the method and the KPIs in relation to the various project stakeholders by taking into account the objectives and the expected benefits
• Manage the budget, the timelines, the organization and the necessary resources (technical, human and financial ...)
- Represent the "voice" of Finance at all stages of the project
• Coordinate, animate and reiterate the identified challenges to mobilize the different stakeholders and anticipate risks
• Consolidate and challenge the users’ needs, translate them into technical requirements, in accordance with the Group Core Model
• Guarantee that the functional specifications are defined in liaison with the IT teams and, when applicable, with the KUs in the entities
- Communicate and engage the stakeholders of the project
• Define, propose and implement all the necessary communications in order to facilitate the realization of the various stages of the project and the alignment of the stakeholders
• Ensure the organization and animation of project committees (steering committee, integration committee ...) to facilitate stakeholder alignment and decision-making
-Lead/support the roll-out and the change management initiatives for the Finance teams
• Define, propose and structure all actions of change management - in particular communication and training - by animating the solutions and best practices within the Finance teams

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