Taipei, Taiwan
Corporate Affairs & Engagement
Full - Time

L'Oréal Taiwan Management Trainee Program is a full-time, 13-month opportunity for you to kick off your career at the #1 Beauty Tech company in the world. At L’Oréal, we move fast and stay on top of our game. The scope and scale of what we strive to do for our consumers drive us to experiment, push boundaries, learn from setbacks and constantly grow. We are committed to giving our Management Trainees the space to learn, develop, and grow into future leaders for the Group.

What you will experience in the 13-month Journey:

Our Management Trainee Program is designed to nurture and develop future leaders for the Group. You will have a personalized learning & development track, be leading challenging projects that require exceptional entrepreneurial spirit, and be able to make an impact with the opportunity for rapid career growth.

Business Rotations:

1-month ‘Digital’ rotation and 12 months of specific projects within functions

Learning Opportunities:

  • True ownership of business-relevant projects
  • Collaborate closely with team to gain hands-on experience
  • Enhanced training opportunities through a customized learning and development curriculum
  • Regular feedback after rotations and reviews
  • Unlimited access to online learning resources of all topics

You can explore our Management Trainee Program and hear directly from our Group leaders and past Trainees by visiting our L’Oréal Virtual Universe (

What you need to have:

Bachelor/Master’s Degree Student or Young Graduate with less than 2-year full-time working experience

If you have the following qualities, be sure to join us!

We welcome graduates from all majors and background – L'Oréal thrives in the diversity of our people.

  • Passionate and curious about the work and business
  • Actively seek innovative business solutions and suggest new ideas
  • Driven with entrepreneurial spirit, a creative problem solver with high level of agility and open-mindedness
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong numerical and analytical skills
  • Strong organizational skills and ability to prioritize effectively Interest in the beauty industry and upcoming trends
  • Equally motivated by working independently as well as collaborating in a team
  • Fluent in English & Chinese

Are you ready to collaborate with some of the most passionate and innovative people?

How to apply?

1) Apply directly to this job post

2) Submit your English CV with 30 sec. video URL to tell us (in English):

  • Why do you think you fit L'Oréal?
  • If you were a product of L'Oréal (e.g., Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner), which product would you be? And why?
  • What are your specialties or skills?

*Please put your video link in your CV and make sure we have access and authority to your video.


More information at:

  • 在30天内,您最多可以申请三个职位。
  • 请注意 : 职位一经申请即无法撤回,请审慎选择符合您期待的职位。
  • 您可以在"您的求职空间"查看您已申请的职位。
  • 请不要用其他电子邮件申请多个帐号,您的帐号会被合并且职位申请纪录会被删除.