Mahmoud talks about his experience as Masterdata Engineer

Hello Mahmoud, nice to meet you. Can you introduce yourself?

I am 30 years old, I studied mathematics and I have played football my whole life! I have held the position of Data Scientist for 1 year at L'Oréal and before that, I worked in sports, insurance and e-commerce!

After 1 year of experience, you were able to take on a team in direct management?

Yes, that's it and I'm very happy with it because it really corresponds to my overall professional projects! I have two hats: that of data quality engineer, whose goal is to put myself at the service of data so that they are of good quality; that of project management which is always linked to data, therefore at the service of all the ecosystems with which we work.

What did you study?

I went through a preparatory class in economics then I naturally headed for a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a master's degree in applied mathematics with a specialty in data science after doing an internship in this field which I really liked. I then realized a dream: taking a long trip to Asia, which for me was very important and made a turning point in my life!

What is data quality? Is it to have good and usable data?

Exactly. It's how to have data which is usable, or exploitable and above all, on good timing too. Our goal is to be as responsive and efficient as possible whenever there is a need.

What made you want to apply to L'Oréal?

I had several different experiences in my life. They also lead me to take an interest in L'Oréal even before joining the company. L’Oréal is a company that has very strong human values and that's essential for me: the Group does a lot of work for young people from certain underprivileged neighborhoods and I grew up in the suburbs: so it just naturally felt right to me. And it's also a company that promotes diversity in its employees, which is also very important because diversity is a huge asset for obviously the company, but above all, the people.

Did you have an interest in beauty before arriving in the company?

No, I didn't necessarily have an interest in beauty. But that's what's good about the data business, you don't have to love beauty to work for the Group. You don't necessarily have to be at the forefront of beauty to do these jobs, but it's always interesting to be aware of what's going on. But it's true the proximity to beauty, for me, it's relative to the job you do at L'Oréal.

Do you already know what you would like to do after this professional experience?

It's been a month since I had a new job, but that doesn't mean I'm not thinking about what's next. To begin with, at L'Oréal, there are several data domains. Today I work in the product field but why not work in other data fields for example such as HR data, marketing, etc... That's a first point. There is a second point, which is that L'Oréal also offers the possibility of working internationally since it is present in hundreds of countries today and L'Oréal encourages its employees to have diversified career paths. My goal would be to go with the Group to have an experience abroad.

Where would you like to go?

In the Middle East or Asia Pacific, so Singapore for example.

How did you apply to join L'Oréal?

I applied via the L’Oréal careers site for a data analyst position. I appreciated being contacted for an exploratory interview, to offer me opportunities that best matched what i was looking for based on experiencies, abilities and wishes. For the record, I had applied for a position but the company offered me two different ones on which it projected me well and I was able to choose. That's not bad, eh? (laughter). But of course, it’s together you make the best choice!

If I tell you that I am a data scientist and that I am a little hesitant to apply to L'Oréal, what would you say to convince me to apply?

The strength of this company is that it allows you to do a lot of things. You can be a data scientist today, but totally change fields tomorrow with in-house help to build your career path over the long term. And even if compared to GAFAM for example, L'Oréal is not yet at the forefront of data, it remains a very strong and priority ambition of the Group: everything is to be built and the company is putting the means into it. Admittedly, it's very interesting to work at other companies in the field of data, but these are companies that are already very accomplished on the data and tech aspect, whereas at L'Oréal we continue to build everything with the objective of being a data-driven company. There has been real emulation and real development for some time.

If the same person told you that they had an interview for L'Oréal, what advice would you give them to make a success of their appointment?

Presenting your adaptability is key for me in the interview, just as much as showing that you like challenges. It is not to fear change, and to be curious. L'Oréal is a constantly evolving company, so being agile is important.

What is the little extra at the office for you?

A real library. It's something I hadn't seen before. It's not something extraordinary, but I think it's great to be able to go to work in a library when I'm at the office, it really changes your work environment. And of course you can borrow books there and I never get tired of it! I'm borrowing all the manga from them right now (laughter)

And what's more, it's very eco-responsible not to buy all your books but to borrow some. What does L'Oréal allow you to do that you couldn't necessarily do in another company?

I was very surprised by the Group's and management's attention to work-life balance, so as not to be overwhelmed by our professional commitments. It's even a question that is kindly asked to you in your moments of exchange with your managers. Professional life doesn't take up too much time compared to your personal life, and I don't think this is the case everywhere.

Thank you very much Mahmoud!

“Doing science at L’Oréal as an engineer means having the opportunity to dare what drives innovation!”

Tech, Data, AI and more : Follow Shelley, Product Tech Accelerator at L’Oréal Group.

Hello Shelley, can you tell us more about yourself?

I’m Shelly, I was born in the US in a suburb of New York City, and I'm 30 years old. I moved to Paris in September of 2022. It's a big change for me because I lived in and outside the New York City area for my entire life!

What are you doing here in Paris?

As I made the decision to move my life to Paris, I had a couple of constraints in terms of finding a job. So first off, I don't speak French, and I needed a job that would allow me to speak English. But as I was moving here, I also wanted an international environment I applied to a few different tech companies, more in the startup world and all of them let me speak English. L’Oréal is a key partner for Google Cloud, which is where I used to work. And a friend from Google saw a presentation from the team that I'm currently on, (which is the tech accelerator). She told me, “Shelley you should really check out L’Oréal they're doing amazing things with data”. I had no interest in beauty, but I reached out and it worked for me, for 6 months. And I’m super happy because our team is very diverse, so I meet a lot of people from different places which is great for me as a newcomer in Paris.

What’s your background?

I studied as an undergraduate for my bachelor’s degree in math and computer science, and so went into finance. But it was not for me, so I decided to go back to my roots in computer engineering

What were you doing before L’Oréal?

I've done a few different jobs. I started my career working in finance, so I was an investment analyst at Goldman Sachs. I then joined a startup, which was a data analytics platform called Looker, that has since been acquired by Google. And that's where I spent most of my five years career: Looker and Google as a sales engineer.

So many different things!

And that’s not all! I moved into management and coaching, but it was very far away from the tech at that point, I was in a much more managerial position. I realized I wanted to go back into the tech world and be closer to the actual technical solution part, building products and being closer to the developers. I left Google and started my career as a product manager, which is a role where we basically work between the business users and the technical people. I did that for several years at a small startup that was about to launch a product

What is your current role at L’Oréal?

I work for the tech accelerator, we're kind of like the startup within IT at L’Oréal. We’re working a lot with data and AI: building solutions for internal L’Oréal employees to do their jobs better and treat and better analyze the data. It’s an amazing opportunity because it really feels like a startup within a larger organization: you get the benefits of a larger organization, but you move at speed and you're working on interesting projects as if you were in a startup. For me, that was super appealing!

What do you feel differently about working at L’Oréal?

In my previous jobs, I have worked with companies that have not impacted me personally. Now, however, I use the product I'm working. Even though I'm not really interested in beauty per se, of course I wash my hair, put on moisturizer and it's great for me to say that the product I built has been helpful for me.

How would you describe exactly what your job is?

My whole job as a product manager is to create and deliver a tool that L’Oréal employees can use to make better business decisions.  I'm working with our software engineers, our data scientists, our design team, as well as key people from the different business areas who are ultimately going to be using our tool. This tool combines all the customers' feedback about our products in one place from more than 80 retailers. So, my job is to understand, treat and analyze this data to make it open for all our teams around the world

And how was your arrival at L’Oréal?

My colleagues immediately integrated me into the team. I'm in a country where I don’t know the language (yet!) so to have people so welcoming and open helps me speak French.  But I also take French lessons. It's been nice on a personal level also! 

Do you already know what the next job would be for you?

I really like what I'm doing now, and I like being a doer. But I feel very confident at L’Oréal! And even if I wanted to go back to the US it’s super nice for me to know that I could do it with the L’Oréal Group. The fact that L’Oréal promotes internal movement and flexibility really helps you to think clearly about your career with transparency! 

What would you tell someone with the same job as you who hesitates to apply at L’Oréal?

L’Oréal is a place where tech is a big priority even for the top management. The Group has the resources to grow even more in the beauty tech direction so it’s really the moment. Believe me: you have an endless number of cool projects you can work on, and you have the go ahead from the top.

Any advice you would share to work at L’Oréal?

My advice is to be open minded because I never thought I would end up in a beauty company or a consumer goods company. The tech people here are real tech people. And they're going to challenge you on your background and what you've done in the tech world in a good way.  And I would say be yourself, but also be ready, because These are real tech people.

To finish, do you have a fun fact about you? 

I'm a total nerd and proud of it: I really like to do crossword puzzles. I still do the New York Times crossword puzzle every day, even though I'm here.

Thanks, Shelley! 

“As a data engineer, I have always wanted to work for a committed company, with a real vision, and what is more universal than beauty that affects everyone!”

How much does science impact Cosmetics? Meet Edine, Global Scientific Director of Kerastase 

Hello Edine, nice to meet you! Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Edine, and I am scientific director for the Kerastase brand. I joined L'Oréal for an internship in our brand Vichy, on the scientific and medical promotion of the brand. It was there that I discovered the world of cosmetics, the entire ecosystem, and the inner workings of an international company.

Have you always had a passion for science?

As a child, I was thinking of becoming an airline pilot. But in high school, I crossed paths with an incredible biology teacher, who passed on his passion of science, and specifically biology to me.  

Tell us more about your background (previous studies or experiences ...)  

I joined a biotechnology engineering school, where I learned the scientific fundamentals in 5 fields: cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, health and environment. I did my first internship in the pharmaceutical sector in the development of bacteriophages (viruses that specifically target bacteria) 

What lead you to L’Oréal?

After my studies, I was hired at L'Oréal by the scientific development team for hair product research and innovation. I then joined the HairCare development team where I was in charge of scientific promotion and claims for the Kérastase & L'Oréal Paris brands.

Can you tell us about your current role – Global Scientific Director at Kerastase?

My obsession is to make our innovations stronger and more impactful! 😀 My role is to embody and strengthen the scientific legitimacy of Kérastase, with the aim of developing brand credibility with various audiences such as hairdressers, consumers, the press, and even the scientific community. On a daily basis, I accompany the teams in the transcription of an effective, strong and 'popularized' science, while keeping scientific rigor in mind. But I also have a public role as I regularly present Kérastase science at press conferences, as well as new launch events. In summary, this job is extremely challenging and intellectually stimulating, no two days are alike. Collaboration is key, and you must know how to adapt and work with interlocutors with radically different needs.

How long have you been doing this job/how long have you been with L’Oréal?

I have been in this position for 5 months now and in the Group for more than 10 years. 

Why did you choose L'Oréal? What attracted you in the first place?

The cosmetic sector interests me, I like the idea of putting science at the service of beauty and self-confidence. It's an industry where science is at the heart, and I like knowing that I'm helping to advance that science.  

What would you like to do next? 

I would like to explore the profession, within another brand at L’Oréal Group, in another category of products to extend my field of expertise. The L’Oréal Group also offers great opportunities internationally, with diverse and complementary professions. Position changes are possible, whether vertical or horizontal, which is something I really value about working here.

A fun fact about you?

I love to eat, but unfortunately, I'm a poor cook. In addition, I am very sporty, I like to focus on myself during intense sports sessions, I do CrossFit and I love it. 

What would you say to someone who is hesitating to apply to L'Oréal as an Engineer?

At L'Oréal, we are at the center of product development, and that is extremely stimulating. Each of our actions have a significant impact on our brands... we get to leave our signature there in a way...

What advice would you give them?  

Being curious about everything, being sure of yourself but still constantly questioning this is what allows us to remain efficient and innovative in order to progress.

What do you like best about your workplace (benefits, perks, etc.)    

I work at the international headquarters of L'Oréal in Levallois (a few km from Paris) and I must say that I love it! We have many services that make our daily lives easier: concierge service, a gym, company restaurants with varied and particularly good meals (remember when I said I loved food 😉)  

What do you think L'Oréal allows you to do what you wouldn't be able to do elsewhere?     

The structure and solidity of the Group gives us the opportunity to dare… and this is the driver of innovation daily. This is all the more interesting, as we have the right to make mistakes at the same time. L’Oréal has always had science in its DNA, and we are fortunate to have an extremely varied and available panel of experts in very different fields to enrich us on a daily basis.

“L'Oréal is one of the leaders in innovation and invests a lot in scientific professions: everything is done to push research and science further”

Industry 4.0 and data: L’Oréal groupe is much more than cosmetics! Meet Matthieu from Operations in Aulnay. 

Hello Matthieu, nice to meet you! Tell me a bit about your job at L’Oréal.

I work at L'Oréal in the Global Manufacturing department, in Operations. My job is centered on Industry 4.0 subjects, developing new solutions for our factories. But I am also working on the whole aspect related to data, in particular to go further on artificial intelligence, machine learning etc…  

And how long have you worked for the L'Oréal Group?

I have been working for the group for 2.5 years, I am now on a permanent position but I joined L'Oréal via the apprenticeship program. 

And before you were studying?

Yes exactly! My studies were more business and management oriented. I did a School of Management in Caen on an apprenticeship program for 3 years in aeronautics at Thales, where I explored several areas such as logistics, data management, then I worked on performance, on the production lines of fighter aircraft radars. I decided to continue my studies as an engineer so I joined the Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées in Paris. This is where my experience at L'Oréal began, when I joined the global Manufacturing team. 

What made you choose L'Oréal?

After aeronautics, what interested me was to go to a company that did mass production with lots of different brands, and diversified universes. I was very interested and curious about the cosmetics industry but I didn't know everything that was behind L'Oréal. What really appealed to me and was also something that I didn't know, was how much the L'Oréal Group, despite being a very large structure, has an entrepreneurial spirit. For me it was really the perfect mix of these two universes. 

How did the recruitment process go? 

L'Oréal is recruiting in various tech professions, but during the interviews HR really tried to offer me a job that corresponded to my desires and my expectations, it was another surprise for me to see how these exchanges were personalized. I quickly understood that at L’Oréal we trusted you and we let you carry out your projects independently from A to Z and that you had responsibilities very quickly!

Was working in the world of beauty a particular desire for you?

Not really, but I've always known L'Oréal, especially through my father, who was a hairdresser and used L'Oréal Professional products in his salon. Since I was very young I was in contact with the brand and suddenly I also used it. But my priority was to work in a company with a human face that had real values, that trusted and that listened, I found all that at L'Oréal. 

Going back to your current job, you are both on the future of manufacturing in the Group but also on the processing of data and its accessibility, right? 

Absolutely! But in the data there are plenty of aspects that we forget. For example, today I work on the production lines of our factories where all the products that pass accumulate data that we have little used until now. It also helps us anticipate and implement maintenance actions. We know, for example, that this machine risks breaking down at such a time. And then it allows us to better deal with the requests and needs of our customers. 

A more concrete example? 

For example an influencer on TikTok makes content that could generate sales not anticipated by our production line on a product, with the data we can process this Momentum and to be reactive. 

Do you already know what you would like to do next? 

Today I manage projects in 40 factories: it is already very interesting and complete. But if I have to think about the future, I would like to join a factory directly and work even more on change management.    If I have the opportunity to be in a factory, I could instill trajectories and it would interest me a lot to go really closer to the product, to go on the line of production with the operators, the technicians and work with them so that we are all moving in the same direction.

Let's imagine that I have the same background as you and that I'm a little hesitant to apply to L'Oréal. What would you say to me to convince me to do it? What are the strengths that would make you recommend me to apply?

At L'Oréal, we are led to carry out projects from A to Z and that is what is really very interesting. It combines all the advantages of a large group that is increasingly developing its start-up spirit. And that probably goes back to my second point, which is real autonomy, so you benefit every day at L'Oréal.    The way of conceiving management internally is very interesting and developing.     If you want to work in tech, L'Oréal is super interesting: we've already made progress, the subject is taken very seriously, including at the average and human level, but there's still a lot to do, it's exciting and stimulating.  

Give us two or three tips for getting hired at L'Oréal!

I think the most important thing is to be honest and say in the interview what you are concretely looking for. At L’Oréal we hire experts but also personalities. There are plenty of training courses offered to you internally so you will improve continuously during your professional experience here. The best advice would be not to censor yourself: do not feel illegitimate or at the level for such a large Group, tell yourself that it cannot happen to us to integrate such a company. As I said above, it's not just a question of school or expertise to join L'Oréal, personality, curiosity and commitment count just as much!   

What do you like best about your workplace? What do you find particularly interesting?

We are outside of Paris (Aulnay), but the office is super nice. There is a great gym, and the MYT department (Make Your Technology), an internal L'Oréal incubator where you can go and pitch your idea to teams or one of the group's members and be supported to develop it if it appeals. Everyone has the right to propose their idea and that is quite unique.

Very last question: do you have a “fun fact” about yourself to share? 

You know my friends often make fun of me because I'm 2m tall and yet I'm dizzy. And the worst is that I also have vertigo when I look up, it's strange I know but it has the merit of making my friends laugh. 

Thank you very much, Matthieu! And good luck for your career.  

“Being a Safety Data Scientist at L’Oréal means doing research for a strong and international company with a lot of stimulating and complex challenges for a real impact.”

What does it mean to be a data engineer at L'Oréal?   Meet Carole, IT EU Data Engineer in the Groupe

Hello Carole, to start I would like to know a little more about you   

My name is Carole; I am 25 years old and from the south of France (I am slowly acclimating to Paris now). I started by going to engineering school and then specialized in data and artificial intelligence.  

How did you hear about L'Oréal as an employer?

I got to know the Group through a hackathon that I did last year where L'Oréal was a partner via Beauty Tech.   A hackathon is a school competition for which we had to carry out a project in 48 hours with deliverables on a specific subject. Our group won this competition, and I took the opportunity to meet recruiters. I was lucky enough to be hired by L'Oréal directly after my end-of-studies internship as a data engineer.

OK, so this was your first job out of college.  


Tell me about your daily life, what does your job consist of?    

I joined L'Oréal as a data engineer within the CRM and Data IT Europe team. I recently took the lead of a team of developers on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) that we use to collect, process and store all data. 

So, you started management quickly!    

I have been managing a team of 4 external developers for 6 months and I am delighted because I really wanted, beyond my technical skills, to try my hand at management and L'Oréal gave me this opportunity quickly. 

Congratulations, doing management after 1 year of experience is a great success!  

Thank you, I'm delighted, but I remain an integral part of the development team, I continue to code and process the data daily, because I don't want to lose my skills in this area and that suits me very well.  

What does it mean to be a data engineer at L'Oréal? 

Being a Data Engineer in the CRM team at L'Oréal means collecting and analyzing all customer data to improve our interactions and knowledge of our consumers in order to always perfectly target their needs and expectations.  

For example, to make newsletters or well-adapted communications? 

Absolutely and to create Dashboards, to make forecasts which are key data for business  

And where does this data come from? 

It comes to us directly from customers, this is called “consumer data”.

Why did you choose L'Oréal as an employer?

As soon as I started my engineering school, I was keen to work on subjects that would please me and inspire me. And then afterwards, I realized that tech, data, was everywhere in all companies. After five years on projects that were very specific and sometimes abstract, I wanted to join a company with a broader mission and what could be more universal than beauty that affects everyone?

So, you had a particular attraction for the world of Beauty? 

Yes, and I wanted to know how this environment worked but also how we were going to consume tomorrow, how data could help us consume better

In terms of your career, do you see yourself in the L'Oréal Group? Do you already know what you would like to do next?

Become a data architect for example, then manage the data architectures to pass the data.

Carole, do you have a “Fun Fact” to share with me?

I hate Paris, I know nobody ever says that, but I come from the south of France, and I am very attached to my region so sometimes I miss the daily sun (laugh). 

What would you say to someone in your field who would be reluctant to apply to L'Oréal?     

I have 1000 but I will say that you continue to learn every day and that there is an ongoing training process which is incredible. I have already passed 2 certifications thanks to L'Oréal.

And what would be your advice for successful interviews with the Group?    

Go to LinkedIn to monitor offers and participate in the many events organized by the Group, it's a great way to meet internal teams and even recruiters.

You work at the L'Oréal France headquarters in Levallois, what is particularly great about your workplace? 

On the 16th floor there is a rooftop where you can see all the monuments of Paris and sometimes incredible sunsets! This is the best place for lunch or taking breaks

What do you do at L'Oréal that you couldn't do in another company?   

When you join the Group you have real possibilities for development and beyond that you can even be accompanied to change jobs which is a huge advantage and which helps a lot to project yourself, it pushes you to get out of your zone of comfort and to always progress.

Do you have anything to add to conclude?   

Returning to L'Oréal was a goal for me and I am delighted with my experience. I really found a committed company with a real vision, which appeals to me a lot. 

Thank you, Carol!   


“L'Oréal is a company that is accelerating enormously on its Data science skills. Joining us means building our teams of tomorrow!”

What does the L'Oréal Group do to reduce its impact on the environment?    Meet Elie, sustainable packaging engineer.  

Hello, to start, let’s get to know a little more about you     

My name is Elie, I am of Lebanese origin, but I have been living in Paris for 6 years now. I have an engineering background in materials, and I have been at L'Oréal for 3.5 years already!   

How did you start your adventure at L’Oréal, and what are you doing now?   

I started with an internship then I was hired on a permanent contract... my specialization is in sustainable packaging so now my daily mission is to ensure that our packaging has a minimal impact on the ecology so it's exciting and very current as a subject. 

Indeed, it’s very relevant! What’s your main challenge?    

First, to work with precise scientific tools that allow us to assess all the impacts of our packaging and containers throughout their life cycle. It is an approach that measures all environmental factors (Co2, water, diversity, to name a few). And then, there are even more concrete subjects such as the recyclability of packaging: how to design packaging so that it is recyclable and fits into the recycling subsidiaries that exist today. And more in general: how to reduce the amount of packaging in our sector.   

From what you say, it seems that this is a very versatile position!

Yes, and all these issues are concentrated and addressed by a team where everyone has very advanced expertise, so even at the human and relational level it is very rewarding. We are moving forward together to always improve the recyclability of packaging from the moment it is designed until the moment it is thrown away.

I imagine that you therefore work in collaboration with many of the brands of the L’Oréal Group.

Exactly! We work with the brand and with development teams to be as efficient as possible. We need a lot of training or guides to help all employees move in the right direction.

So this means, that It's partly thanks to you that we at L'Oréal have more and more refillable bottles or cardboard packaging?

It's partly thanks to our teams (laughs) but obviously we don't do it alone. This is a priority for the L'Oréal Group and a collaborative effort. This is just one example, but it is a good illustration of our collective innovations.

So, you've been in your current job for 3 years? 

Absolutely! Even if my job has evolved over these 3 years... which is one of the advantages of working in a Group like L'Oréal.

Why did you choose to work for L’Oréal?  

I have a double degree and I was really looking for a job where I could both have an ultra-technical aspect that was important to me surrounded by lots of other aspects with various teams and colleagues. It’s the case in my current job, I work as much with research and development as with marketing, communication or even supply. I had a lot of offers in construction or aeronautics, but I found that the way of conceiving the job at L'Oréal made it possible to reconcile my different expertise with those that I wanted to explore.

Did you have a particular attraction for the world of Beauty?    

Not only did I not know the world of packaging at all, but I also did not know the world of beauty at all. (laughs)    But I liked the idea of embarking on an adventure where I was quite a neophyte. 

How is your #lifeatloreal 3 years later?   

At first, I was more oriented towards the construction and aeronautical part. But I have no regrets. We do not necessarily think of beauty, and we have the impression that these are simply products put on the market, but there is really an ultra-technical dimension in the formula of the product of course, but also in the packaging. Finally, let's not forget that at L'Oréal there are as many luxury products as mass market products or more pharmaceutical formulas!     The challenge of meeting all these different needs for these different issues and different distribution is exciting.   

What are the advantages of your job at L'Oréal in your opinion?    

I would really say that the Group is giving itself the means to progress on sustainability issues and this is important for all our brands. But the real advantage is twofold: first there is the fact of working with lots of features and different teams which is very rewarding; then, as I am convinced of the importance of my job and that it corresponds to my personal values, there is a more personal area and it is very encouraging and pleasant for me to be in this role on a daily basis. 

What would you like to do after this job?      

I would say perhaps getting even closer to the product and the operations that interest me through development, for example. But honestly today, in a Group as big as L'Oréal there are so many opportunities that I am not worried... I know the next step here will be just as exciting and challenging!   

And finally, for you, what are the advantages of being an engineer at L'Oréal?    

I would really say the organization, the means and above all the subjects which are complex and challenging. The autonomy you have when you work on a project that you can really manage.  At L'Oréal we give you a lot of opportunities to give your opinion, to step outside the established framework of your job and that's very rare!   

What would be your advice for a successful interview at L'Oréal?    

I really think you must be yourself. The Group hires people for their skills, of course, but also for their personality.    And then show his adaptability, his reactivity, his desire to do well and his curiosity.  

Thank you, Elie!

“Doing data and tech at L'Oréal gives you the possibility of being in an ecosystem where everything is still to be built and to develop in a company which makes it one of its priorities.”

From law to L’Oréal Groupe: Pierre, IT Europe Contract Manager, shows it’s possible!

Hello Pierre, can you introduce yourself?  

My name is Pierre, I am Contract Manager for the Europe zone. I have a Master’s Degree in Industrial Property and Business Law (with a specialization in Digital law). 

What you did before you joined L'Oréal?  

I did several internships in the legal field as well as an apprenticeship in the same environment and I practiced a little bit as a lawyer/legal counsel... But I quickly realized that I wasn’t completely made for this field. Then I was contacted by a consulting firm to work as a Contract Manager – I’ve worked there for nearly four years, in France and abroad, mostly in the banking before joining L'Oréal. 

What is Contract Manager concretely at L’Oréal? What are your missions?   

The Contract manager of the Europe zone is attached to the Vendor Management Office, the department in charge of the relationship between IT suppliers and the Group. The role of the contract manager is to intervene in the three life stages of the contract: before, during and after. 

What are these three parts in more detail?   

Before, it is when the IT teams have a project and wishes to work with a specific supplier, our role is to help to draft a contract for the IT project by managing our internal stakeholders (legal, security, purchasing, etc.) and by contacting the supplier, notably to ensure that it meets the Group's ethical requirements (ethical charter, ecological impact, etc.) Then, once the contract is signed, it comes the counterpart, where the Contract Manager makes sure to watch over the life cycle of the contract, compliance with deadlines and conditions, etc. And finally after, when the contractual relationship between L'Oréal and the supplier is over. Either the project is over, or we extend the relationship and there we go back to the negotiation phase with the supplier. I also help with the sourcing of innovative companies or partners that meet the Group's commitments.  

What types of commitment for example?   

There is a big subject managed by the Vendor Manager called “solidarity sourcing” in which we work with an association specialized in the reintegration of people who have left the job market. Our goal at IT Europe is to find jobs that meet the eligibility criteria of the association in order to allow as many people as possible to reintegrate through work / to reintegrate the labor market.  

How long have you worked for L’Oréal?   

I arrived at L'Oréal in April 2022, so as we do this interview, I am celebrating my 1st birthday here!   

What made you want to join the L’Oréal?   

When I came across an offer that suited me on L'Oréal's LinkedIn, I found the job description very well written and detailed. When I studied it further, I thought to myself that I really wanted to do this. I felt that this company really understood the job I was doing.  

And you had no particular attraction to the world of beauty?

None at all!  But I did however study some practical cases of L’Oréal during my studies in trademark and patent law courses. And I also discovered before joining the Group to what extent L'Oréal was involved and invested in tech. So being in tech at L'Oréal now I find it funny, it's a great full-circle moment. 

So for you, L'Oréal was a beauty company but not really a tech company. And when you saw how granular the tech world was at L’Oréal, were you pleasantly surprised?   

I knew that there was tech at L'Oréal, but not at this level and while preparing for my interviews I realized everything that was done and all the talents that were at L'Oréal and it made me want it even more. But it's impressive what we have the opportunity to work on on a daily basis, in particular via L'Oréal's Beauty Tech.  

And now what do you think?

Initially, for me, L'Oréal was a marketing company. But I realized that it was also a communication, science and tech company.  

What’s the biggest challenge for you here at L’Oréal?   

The feat for me is to manage to bring together this culture of excellence specific to a beauty giant with a real entrepreneurial spirit and start-up at the same time. IT at L'Oréal is really a very fast environment which creates a multitude of projects that work quickly.   

What would you say to someone who has your skills but is reluctant to apply?   

If you love to work in a dynamic environment with a culture of excellence, that makes L'Oréal a great “school”. But the most surprising thing is that we have right to try new things and even make mistakes, so that's very soothing and it encourages innovation, testing, and that's not something you find everywhere. I must admit, honestly all my colleagues are brilliant, it's truly quite amazing, and suddenly you learn and exchange a lot. And then there is still a huge additional advantage: the quality and accessibility of the training courses that are regularly offered to us.  

What would you like your professional step to be?   

My position is cross-functional and right now, I have a holistic view of IT projects throughout Europe, which has the advantage of meeting a lot of people. But if I project myself I think I would like to develop a more strategic aspect.  

Leave the operational environment a bit for more strategy?   

Exactly! A Vendor Manager position for example. But the best thing is that I know that I have options to evolve and develop myself with L’Oréal and even my current position!  

What would be your tips for someone who would like to work in your position at L'Oréal?   

I would say do not hesitate to contact people in the post, via LinkedIn for example: at L'Oréal, people are very accessible because there is a real culture of growth and collaboration. Above all, you have to stay true to yourself, it's essential because if you have the talent to join the Group, you will see that it is a very human and inclusive company. 

You’re based in one of the offices in France, what do you particularly enjoy when you are in the office?   

Without a doubt, the rooftop! And you can have lunch there so clearly it’s a great setting. But also the gym which is good and with quality classes, perfect for taking your mind off things after a day's work.  

What do you do at L'Oréal that you couldn't necessarily do elsewhere?   

Honestly, creating and growing a super network. Everyone is super accessible, it's quite incredible. I meet many inspiring people and some even become friends.  

Thank you very much Pierre!  

“At L’Oréal, Tech people are real experts and all work together to solve real challenges.”

Who write labels on Cosmetics ?    Follow Elisa, Scientific promotion officer at L'Oréal professionnel  

Hello Elisa, nice to meet you! Please, introduce yourself! 

My name is Elisa, I'm 26 years old and I come from the Paris region. I am responsible for the scientific promotion for the haircare part for L'Oréal Professionnel and for aérosols. 

What does this mean exactly to do with scientific valorization?

Scientific promotion really means assuring the consumer of the veracity of the scientific information communicated to them in relation to a product, so that it is understandable. We are the guarantor of all scientific information, all that will be storytelling, claims on the ingredients or the performance of the product. 

What was your path to L’Oréal?

I have a somewhat original path: I started by studying medicine to become a pharmacist in the beauty industry.    I then reoriented myself towards university to do a bi-disciplinary license in chemistry/biology at the University of Paris-Saclay. I completed my studies in organic chemistry and quickly realized that my background was quite academic, “too specialized” in pure and hard chemistry. 

So you joined L’Oréal in that field?

Not immediately! Before joining, I enrolled in the National School of Chemistry in Montpellier (in the south of France). It was a school that fascinated me because there was an engineering option of natural active ingredients centered on the functioning of active ingredients, natural ingredients, but also on cosmetology and formulation so really all the science around of beauty. 


But I did not see myself working only in the laboratory so I reinforced my studies with a specialized master's degree in a business school centered on marketing and oriented mass consumption with products in particular food, but also cosmetics, hygiene, etc… It allowed me to expand my versatile profile, and I was able to do this year on a work-study program, so I applied on the L’Oréal careers site e and I was able to join the Group!!  

What a rich background: congratulations! So you joined L'Oréal via apprenticeship? 

Exactly for a one-year apprenticeship. At the end of it my manager took a new job in the Group and I was able to take over from him with more responsibilities, more autonomy.

So, you do your apprenticeship, there is a job available which suits you and for which your profile is suitable: it's a great opportunity!

That's it and it's the first time, really, that I found myself so much in a company and that I said to myself “I found my way”. I had already had experiences in other cosmetic companies but never with such an alignment between my values, my professional desires and how I wanted to grow! 

What made you log on to the L’Oréal Careers website and want to apply? What is your “story” with L’Oréal ? 

My story with L'Oréal starts super early because I saw these products at home from a very young age: my family and I used several of them. It represents my first attempts with makeup and beauty products when I was younger and it amazed me. I lived near the Chevilly Larue site near Paris and often said to myself as I passed by: “one day i'll go see what's going on there” .   

Did you have a real attraction for the Group and for the world of beauty?    

I have always been passionate about it and still today, I am a big consumer of beauty products. Even when I was younger, I created my own cosmetics a bit. I really liked knowing what to put as an ingredient to have such benefit    It was therefore quite natural that I wanted to orient myself in this sector, and for me L'Oréal is the reference.         When we look at the scientific aspect: L'Oréal is also one of the leaders in innovation which invests a lot in science and expertise. Today, I work with highly qualified experts, innovative materials, incredible equipment. So really everything is done to push science further, to remain even more competitive. This expert and open vision of beauty is really exciting. 

Do you also have a perspective on what your next job might be?    

Today my position is centered on haircare but I would very much to expand into other sectors to discover another category such as skincare or make-up. I also leave myself the possibility of trying my hand at marketing or communication professions because I know that at L'Oréal, there are also many possibilities, including in other types of professions which will allow us to develop better. 

What advice would you give to someone who is reading this interview and has the same profile as you to join L'Oréal?

I have always had a very generalist background: I first studied pure chemistry, not at all specialized in cosmetics. Just because you don't have experience in the industry doesn't mean you can't have a chance. What I was also able to discover here is that beyond really looking for professional skills, we are really looking for an attitude.         The best advice I could give to someone applying to L'Oral would be to stay yourself, to stay passionate: it's really motivation and enthusiasm that will make the difference. Be curious and motivated by the idea of discovering new people and new horizons. 

What do you particularly like in the office?  

I was very afraid when I arrived at L'Oréal that it would be very big, a bit impersonal, that people wouldn't really know each other. And I was extremely surprised: everyone is super welcoming, pleasant and available for a question about a project, something that blocks us or on the contrary, for a coffee, a lunch…and this is the Group's human strength: creating real links between employees.  

What do you think working at L'Oréal allows you to do that you couldn't necessarily do elsewhere?

Clearly the variety of backgrounds and professions that we have internally is incredible.  L'Oréal's strength is being able to talk to experts and people who have been there for a long time and to take a look at what type of career they have had.You may be an expert in your field, but you may be led to discover and advance in totally different professions and areas of expertise. At L'Oréal, encounters and open-mindedness are fundamental.

Do you have a “fun fact” about yourself to share?     

That's a bit of a diabolical question (laugh). I've always had very thick, curly hair, and I've also always had a hard time accepting it. When I was younger, I dreamed of long, straight hair like we saw everywhere because it was “fashion”.         When I arrived at L'Oréal, working with hair and curly hair experts, but also by testing all the innovations that the Group was releasing for this type of hair, well that reconciled me with my hair. Definitely L'Oréal is for many a professional but also personal adventure.

“At L'Oréal, tech is omnipresent, already well advanced. You manage projects from A to Z and there is still a lot to do, so it's exciting for an engineer!”

From Research to Digital Transformation at L’Oréal:    Leopold proves it’s possible!  

Hello Leopold, nice to meet you! Can you introduce yourself? 

My name is Léopold, 30 years old, and I’m a safety data scientist in the Digital Transformation team at L’Oréal (and a happy husband and father of one small guy with a lot of energy!) 

Lucky you! Can you tell us more about how you became a Safety Data Scientist?

I come from academic research... I was a computational biology scientist from Sorbonne University, and a professor for master students. During my university years, I traveled a lot: Lyon 1 in bioinformatic, master at Rennes, master 2 at Nantes and finally Paris.For 5 years, I was a specialist of DNA, but I wanted to change and do something even more concrete. L’Oréal is my first real experience in the industry. 

What about your job? What is it to be a Safety Data Scientist?   

I work for safety, a very big department: my actions have a concrete impact on the consumer. I help with math and statistics to be sure of the safety of all our formulas (irritation, environment…etc.). I interact with a lot of different people, learning from each one of them, and understanding their needs. As a data scientist, my challenge is to understand specific data, imagine and propose solutions to facilitate the work of collaborators, then find solutions to industrialize that solution faster. 

Why did you choose L'Oréal? What attracted you in the first place?   

I was first attracted by the human aspect of the Company: the Talent Acquisition team did a really good job presenting me with an opportunity that was very interesting and stimulating.    I found the values I was looking for, and luckily for me, it was in a strong and international company.    I also have a handicap; L'Oréal knew it, but it has never been a problem or even a subject, so I knew it was a safe place and the right choice for me.    

Did you have a particular interest in beauty when you applied?   

Not at all! But I saw an opportunity to evolve and learn new things. But for me it was seductive because I am doing the same job I did in scientific research, but in this case, for something that’s completely universal: Beauty.   

What would you like to do next?   

I honestly haven't thought about it yet. I am happy with this job which offers many opportunities to evolve and learn new things. But who knows, the Group with all its trades and brands has many interesting opportunities.   

What would you say to someone hesitating to apply at L'Oréal as a data scientist?   

Being a data scientist at L’Oréal is a rich and stimulating experience! You have a job in research, and at the same time a global vision in an international company.     The possibility to be active and close to the data, the knowledge, and the experts make my job evolve all the time with all the company knowledge.   

What advice would you give them to join us?   

Be comfortable to always learn and challenge yourself, trust the advice from good people, react fast and listen even more.

What do you think L'Oréal allows you to do that you wouldn't be able to do elsewhere?   

Influence the future of the safety, make a significant change for the toxicologist in the digital transformation of L’Oréal. I’m a real driver of digital transformation!  

The last words go to you:   

Come and join us, you’ll be really surprised in a good way how you’ll like it!   

“There is as much technicality and complexity in the Beauty sector as in aeronautics!”

L’Oréal Groupe, where the future of the Beauty Tech is at stake.   Follow Thomas, HR Transformation manager.

Hello Thomas, can you introduce yourself?  

Hello, my name is Thomas, I arrived at L'Oréal a year and a half ago as HR Transformation Manager at Beauty Tech.  

What are you working on more concretely?  

I work mainly on IT populations by supporting their transformations and evolutions in a Group that is accelerating a lot in the fields of data and tech. But I also support the training of our current employees, mobility assistance and the implementation of training tools to support their skills development. 

And what did you do before arriving at L'Oréal?  

I started my career as a consultant and project manager for an HR site. That means that in fact I was working a bit like the tech teams. I did configuration and the web, training and everything related to the integration of HR software with the clients I had at the time. I then worked in consulting for four years where I did what is called HR transformation, like the audit of existing processes, the redesign of processes, etc... 

What made you want to join the Group? What attracted you to L'Oréal?  

I loved the project, especially everything related to the transformation and beauty tech part. And then it's L'Oréal, a leading company that is constantly seeking to improve in tech.  

What’s this project about?  

This transformation project is a long-term project. In consulting, we are really very short-termist, whereas there we have time to see what works, how to develop a transformation program according to the various problems that we may encounter and above all to observe the results. It is very stimulating to be at the genesis of a major project like this! But what made me want to join the Group the most was the way my job was going to be built, that is to say that we imagined it together with my manager, the human relationship was wonderful and collaborative. 

When applying to L'Oréal, did you have a particular attraction for beauty?  

Not really, I had no particular interest in this sector. But above all because I was aligned with human values, whether towards employees or consumers. The way the Group does its business is something that fascinates me. L'Oréal is nevertheless recognized on the market as a company which is one of the most innovative in terms of human resources and where human resources have a significant impact within the management committees and the company's strategy.   

You therefore take care of identifying the talents of tomorrow in the tech functions for the Group. What types of profiles are you currently looking for, for example?   

We are not only looking for external talent. My work is oriented on two segments: on the one hand, to ensure that we will recruit the talents we need but also to have employees who wish to develop and evolve within the company. Support employees to create their development paths with them.  But to answer you in a more concrete way, we will above all look for functions that we identify as major in the very near future, such as Data Architects, Data Scientists, profiles in cyber security or even in the Product management part.  

Let's take advantage: as HR what advice would you give to someone who has the desire and the skills to join us?  

Several things. L'Oréal is a company that is accelerating enormously on its Data science skills.  So joining us means having the opportunity to put your stone to the building in the construction of our teams in the future, how we are going to develop technology more tomorrow.   Today we are already using tech tools that are ultra-innovative. Like artificial intelligence or Virtual Try tools, we even file patents. At L'Oréal you have the opportunity to manage major projects independently which are recognized and valued, you are not confined to a single task. 

And in one sentence?  

My real advice for those who hesitate would be: “go talk to L’Oréal employees and ask them! Contact them on LinkedIn you will be surprised at how innovative the company is ».

What would be your advice for a successful interview when you have a tech profile at L'Oréal?  

Be natural and to be yourself! Do not hesitate to share your past achievements and give examples of what you have done or developed in the past: it enriches the exchanges and it allows you to project a candidate even better on different positions to be filled. 

And on your side, do you know what you would like to do next? Do you already know what expertise you would like to develop after this one?

I joined the Group because I wanted to be HR Director at L'Oréal, but also because I am interested in the operational HR profession. I don't feel like changing jobs right now, tech is so stimulating and in constant motion at L'Oréal that it's exciting and you never get bored! 

Because you know there is still a lot to come in this sector?  

Exactly there are many transformations! For example, when I arrived the AI and Chat GPT were non-existent. Since then, we only hear about that and we already take it into account in the Group's strategies. 

What are you doing today in the Group that you couldn't necessarily do elsewhere?  

At L'Oréal, jobs around tech and data are considered a priority, and this is not the case everywhere.  There are real investment capacities, collaboration with experts: everyone exchanges and communicates.  It is a unique and enriching atmosphere. And finally, I would also say the investment that the Group makes in its employees in terms of training and development, it is incredible and it is a real advantage that can be valued throughout his career. 

A final word to conclude our exchange? 

 Join us and come and see everything we can do at L'Oréal! 

Thanks, Thomas!  

“If you are looking for a company that is growing rapidly in tech with an entrepreneurial spirit and the power of a large Group, L'Oréal is a serious consideration!”