Lausanne, Vaud
Training & Education
Jornada Completa

New customers:

  • Active social flirting (initial contact via social media) to attract potential new customers 

  • Scheduling and implementation of demos for new customers 

  • Individual consultation of new customers concerning brand-specific trends and products 

  • Onboarding of newly acquired salons, including debrief 

  • Creation and recommendation of a training and development plan (workshops, Access etc.) for the customers

Existing customers:

  • Maintenance and development of partner salons

  • Acts as contact and confidant for the salons 

  • Promotion of the digitalization and the usage of digital media in the context of education (i.e., webinars and coaching via Teams, webcasts, lives, Access) in alignment with the PPD strategy 

  • Implementation of the education strategy for the respective brand, as well as emphasizing the unique selling points (USP) with the customer 

  • Preparation and implementation of workshops (online/offline) and online activities on the topics: 

  • Solidification of the brand values & product information  

  • Services, consultation concepts & bestseller placements, to generate sustainable sales growth in the salons

  • Integration of the sustainability program (hairstylists for the future)

  • Conceptualization and implementation of  individual training and development concepts for key accounts in the area (online/ offline)

  • Takeover of projects for new concepts concerning launches, new education activities, as well as the creation of general documents /digital development concepts

  • Consultation of customers about digital offers (i.e., Google my Business, social media and social selling)

  • Kérastase-specific: Responsible for the training and development as well as the coaching of the Care Coaches (Kérastase brand specialists in the salons)


  • Active collaboration with Business Partners and the Regional Sales Manager to reach the quantitative and qualitative sales team goals

  • Solidification of the added value of the brand within the team through the presentation of product and service innovations (ROM, if applicable SAM etc.)


  • Regular and timely documentation of all activities in SharePoint

  • Creation of target group-oriented content (online/offline) in the education department, i.e., for the own professional social media account to generate engagement 

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