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Job Purpose:

As the Medical Advisor for MYSG, you are required to develop relations and programs with opinion leaders, learned societies and patient associations to establish the scientific and medical legitimacy and the values of the Division or the brands

Key Responsibility:

  • Select / design the medical and scientific events (medical education targeting doctors and patients, congresses etc.) so as to increase the visibility and enhance the reputation of LDB 
    • Coordinate both internal and external contributors to ensure the operational setting up of medical and scientific events
  • Provide medical leadership on faculty and content development for medical programmes (partnerships, sponsorships, services, etc.) with learned societies, including congresses, advisory boards, scientific exchange meetings, publications, CMEs. Extend to patient associations and other professional players in the health sector
  • Identify and select relevant Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Rising Opinion Leaders (ROLs) - scientists and health professionals - for the Division and/or the brands Mobilise and motivate the chosen KOLs and ROLs in their consulting, training and representative activities (congresses, digital, media etc.)
  • Measure the impact of the action taken and ensure the follow-up
  • Communicate on the action taken
  • Develop and implement local medical plans to address unmet medical needs in priority product pillars/ indications.
  • Strategize and execute medical plans for new products or innovations.
  • Ensure the monitoring of activity relating to professional and medical relations.
  • Support, and plan local studies plan, partner with CRO and investigators and internal medical team to optimize sites quality, delivery and commercial benefit.
  • Work together with other functions / departments (marketing, medical detailing, external communications and digital)
  • Ensure the respect of internal and external ethical standards regarding relations with health professionals

Job requirements:

  • Education Level: Strong scientific educational background, preferably a qualified pharmacist or medical doctor. 
  • Number of years of experience: Essential to have healthcare / pharmaceutical working experiences - 4-5 years, Experience within the Medical affairs (Medical Scientific Liaison/ Medical Advisor) function in the pharmaceutical industry or healthcare sector.
  • Other competencies:
    • Presentation skill
    • KOL HCP management skill
    • Advisory Board meetings management
    • Communication skill (both verbal and written)
    • Strong business acumen
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