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Information Systems
Full - Time
Context :

L’Oréal is in a period of growth in digital and is building dynamic and multidisciplinary teams from different backgrounds to deliver on our exciting mission to accelerate the company Beauty Tech transformation. In this context, L’Oréal has launched a Tech Accelerator, a brand new structure contributing to transform L’Oréal into a Beauty Tech through the acceleration of strategic deep tech projects at scale. With 3 hubs in Paris, New York and Shanghai, it is a structure blending rare resources, state-of-the-art technologies & methodology to enable our best talents to deliver the most value.

We are looking for a Lead NLP Scientist to join the Tech Accelerator Data Science team to implement Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions on strategic and high priority projects for the Group.

You will evolve in a favorable and stimulating environment:

Ø  Development of projects with many experts in their respective fields: Data Science, AI, Agility, Business experts, UX/UI, Data engineering, Big Data and Cloud architecture

Ø  Diversity of Data (internal / external, structured or not) and missions (marketing, supply, retail, R&I ...)

Ø  Capacity and dedicated time to identify and test new approaches, technologies and tools

Ø  International environment

Tasks :

  • As the Lead NLP Scientist, you will use Deep Learning and NLP algorithms to solve efficiently NLU (Natural Language Understanding) challenges, intent classification, entity extraction, sentiment analysis, pattern detection, …
  • Define, design and implement NLP guidelines and best pratices of Tech Accelerator Delivery teams, in collaboration with IT and business on strategic business cases with support of internal and external Tech partners.
  • Mentor engineers & scientists in the use of NLP best practices

Ø  Leverage state-of-the-art NLP and Deep Learning research to apply it to business case

Ø  Analyze and find patterns trough algorithms from transactional, text and conversational data (e.g social media, research engines, websites, …)

Ø  Coach and mentor data scientists, ML engineers and delivery teams of Tech Accelerator

Ø  Share NLP best practices with L’Oréal Data Science community and upskill an NLP community 

Profile :

Ø  Excellent verbal and written communication (French and fluent English) and presentation skills, ability to convey technical concepts and their implications to non-experts

Ø  Have a deep Data Science expertise: experience to apply advanced analytics to a variety of business situations to efficiently advise multiple teams on the best path to uncovering critical insights

Ø  Flexibility and open-mindedness; alertness and argumentation; entrepreneurial spirit; relationship skills;

Ø  Demonstrate a collaborative mindset with different Tech profiles (data scientists, engineers & architects) and business (data owners & stewards, business owners)

Ø  Pedagogy and ability to share a complex knowledge (complex data and NLP techniques) and upskill people

Be fluent in English

Skills & Qualifications :

Ø  MS or PhD (preffered) in Computer Science or equivalent with NLP specialization or projects

Ø  3+ years of practical experience applying ML /DL with a focus on NLP methods to solve challenging problems

Ø  Programming skills in Python, SQL and Git: DL and ML frameworks (Pytorch, Tensorflow, Hugginface, NLTK, …), Spark or other frameworks

Ø  Knowledge of NLP methods such as LSTM, Transformers, word embedding, …

Ø  Knowledge and practical experience in database manipulation (SQL, pandas, MangoDB, …)

Ø  Knowledge of back-end techs and building APIs (Flask, Rest, …)

Ø  Experience working effectively with engineering teams

Ability to deploy models on different infrastructures (Azure, Google Cloud, Docker, Kubernetes, …)