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Key Job Accountabilities 主要職務           

The D2C Conversion Manager is tasked with optimizing the customer experience to drive             

conversion rates on our D2C E-Flagship websites and maximize the revenue opportunities.            

This role leverages analytics and A/B testing to enhance site functionality and user engagement.            

1. CVR Optimization and Sales Integration:            

- Adopt a customer-centric and analytical approach to enhance CVR on D2C E-Flagship websites,             

aligning these efforts with sales building blocks to contribute to revenue growth.            

- Utilize AI-driven recommendations and on-site search functionalities to maximize CVR improvements             

and ensure strategies are aligned with broader business goals and customer acquisition efforts.            

- Coordinate with sales and marketing teams to integrate CVR improvement plans into overall             

business strategies, promoting synergy and maximizing impact on sales performance.            

2. A/B Testing and UI/UX Enhancements:            

- Lead A/B testing initiatives for UI/UX improvements to increase CVR, incorporating the latest trends and             

each brand's unique identity.            

- Implement innovative design strategies to ensure engaging and effective customer interactions.            

3. Global Integration and Best Practices Sharing:            

- Collaborate effectively to integrate best practices from Japan into the global brand strategy.            

- Share successful outcomes and insights with the global team for broader adoption and continuous             


4. Content Strategy and Performance Analysis:            

- Provide advice on brand team-generated content, informed by A/B testing best practices,             

to optimize performance and increase CVR.            

- Regularly analyze and report on site performance metrics, providing actionable insights for ongoing             


5. Customer Engagement and Data-Driven Insights:            

- Develop strategies to enhance customer engagement throughout the online journey, focusing on             

personalized experiences to drive conversions.            

- Use data-driven insights to inform decision-making and continuously refine the customer experience.            


Must Have Aspects 必須項目             

1. Analytical and Customer-Centric Approach:            

- Strong analytical capabilities to interpret data and user behavior for CVR strategy development.            

- Profound understanding of the customer journey to enhance the shopping experience and drive CVR.            

2. Experience with AI Recommendations and On-Site Search:            

- Hands-on experience with operationalizing AI-driven recommendation tools and on-site search             

to boost CVR.            

3. A/B Testing and UI/UX Optimization Expertise:            

- Significant experience in leading A/B testing initiatives and expertise in UI/UX design principles to enhance             

site interaction and CVR.            

4. Communication and Collaboration Skills:            

- Excellent communication skills to share insights and collaborate effectively with both local and             

global teams.            

- Ability to influence content strategy with actionable insights derived from A/B testing.            

- Native-level proficiency in Japanese. Business-level or higher proficiency in English.            

5. Leadership and Influence:            

- Proven leadership skills with the ability to lead initiatives and influence outcomes within the team.            

- Demonstrated ability to foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and continuous improvement,             

driving the team towards achieving high CVR goals.            

6. Business Acumen and Revenue Growth Focus:            

- Demonstrated business acumen with a strong commitment to driving sales and increasing revenue             

through conversion rate optimization.            

- A strategic mindset focused on aligning conversion goals with business objectives to achieve             

measurable financial success.            


Preferred Qualification 希望項目             

1. Industry Experience:            

- E-commerce or digital marketing sector experience in consumer goods industry.            

- Familiarity with operating in a digital-focused business environment.            

- Experience working in a global corporate environment, demonstrating an understanding of diverse             

business cultures and practices.            

2. Project Management Skills:            

- Ability to manage multiple tasks or projects effectively.            

- Experience in organizing and prioritizing project timelines.            

3. Technical Certifications:            

- Experience with analytical tools for data-driven decision-making.            

- Salesforce Commerce Cloud skills are plus.            

4. Leadership Experience:            

- Experience in leading teams or managing projects, even in an informal capacity.            

- Proven ability to drive change and innovation within an organization.            

5. Innovative Mindset:            

- A proactive approach towards developing innovative solutions.            

- Keen awareness of industry trends and technological advancements.            


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