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Position: GLOBAL SOURCING CATEGORY Director– Physical Distribution, Warehouses + Inland Transportation


Category: Physical Distribution : 3PL - Distribution centers & Warehouses + Inland Transportation 

The Category Director for Physical Distribution is the sourcing business partner of all the sourcing community in charge of Physical Distribution globally and inland transportation.

Inside the Indirect Sourcing department, and hierarchically linked to the Sourcing Domain Director, the new position of WW Category Director Physical Distribution has been created to support the global Supply Chain & Operations roadmap 2030. 
The candidate will raise Sourcing expertise on the category, and secure the Group growth in all geographies, scout and map the right Suppliers network and increase the level of partnership with the strategic ones while facilitating the Group on-going Supply chain IT transformations,

This position has a high exposure (Operations Directors, Supply-Chain Group committee, Sourcing Directors,… ). The successful candidate will build and validate with key-stakeholders the Sourcing strategy on Physical Distribution (3PLs and warehouses) to deliver added value and competitive advantage for L’Oréal.
WW Category Director PROFILE

  • The Candidate need to demonstrate significant experience of building strategic plans of Business transformation/Development at 3PLs, Distributions Centers/e-commerce
  • Candidate must have a deep Market knowledge of the Category: suppliers network, Remuneration models, costs structure, costs drivers evolutions, innovations, contractual schemes, sustainability & environment stakes, and be able to deliver added value and competitive advantage for L’Oréal Operations.
  • Strategic thinker and Visionnaire, able to translate strategic objectives into a multi-year roadmap validated by all internal stakeholders. Drive and Leadership to animate & upskill the Sourcing communities globally (>30 buyers ). 
  • Ability to work in a matrix organization, partner of both Supply-Chain Métier, and Sourcing community.
  • Experience in managing relations and global negotiations/big contracts with Top Suppliers. 




  • Maximize value of the ecosystems
  • Support the Supply Chain Team to develop strategic relations to build long term business partnerships. 
  • Develops strategic suppliers’ relations and becomes a ‘customer of choice’. Increases innovation through a selective approach. 
  • Support / Leads continuous improvement projects with strategic, impactful suppliers – P&L and Top Line. 
  • Build Category strategy and leverage Market Capabilities
    • Anticipates major changes in needs. Offers optimal solutions involving internal and external network/resources. Deploy value analysis methodology into the practice of needs analysis.
    • Develop Market intelligence' on categories. Highlight change in market structure. Carry out internal and external benchmarks.
    • Impulses, builds, challenges category strategies. 
    • Captures innovation opportunities (external/internal sources, SC communities). Captures break-up ideas and innovations from ecosystems.
    • Contributes to "best practices" and innovative cross-functional solutions.
    • Create and deploy category kits/toolboxes/methodologies. Ensures strategy deployment overall coherence. 
  • Deliver financial performance and build data intelligence.
    • Deliver financial and performance metrics for the categories (Cost savings, Cost avoidance, Working Capital, Capex Cash, Sustainability, etc.) 
    • Influence the budget (inflation guidance, financial target setting, integration to business processes) and communicate on Risks and Opportunities 
    • Develop in-depth market and industry analysis. Understand category’s cost drivers, develop negotiation, and cost management strategies, accordingly, also exploring should cost model applications.
  • Maximizes the value creation opportunities that impact the P&L and the Top Line. Promotes TCO initiatives. 
  • Supports WW initiatives and local implementation with the help of the regional / local sourcing network
  • Leverage data to deliver additional performances
  • Support to Major initiatives and transformation
    • Anticipate, mitigate risk for new data exchange protocols deployment with 3PL (SAP S/4 environment )
  • Leverage extended Sourcing Network & tools, Insure compliance and risk management
  • Animates the sourcing extended team in charge of the category. Communicates/manages projects and shares information and influences its prescribers’ stakeholders. Builds and develops the share of purchasing voices from prescribers. 
  • Coordinates regional / local buyers to ensure correct implementation of the WW strategy and the WW contracts.
  • Up-skill sourcing extended team on the category specifics. 
  • Assess and manage risk. Identify and deploy risk mitigations opportunities mplants elaborate methods or tools to reduce risks. 


  • Engage Ecosystem in the L’OREAL for the Future sustainability program.
  • Engage supplier ecosystem in their own sustainability program. 
  • Contribute to the sustainability journey to meet L’Oreal targets on Human rights protection, Environment preservation, Business Integrity and Diversity equity and Inclusion. 


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