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Jornada Completa

The person will have a double mission :

1/ As part of the scientific direction for SHM application domain, the person will have the mission to  


  • Design new Scientific Territories for the 4 stakes of the SHM domain: Acne / Dry, rough skin and atopy / Reactive skin / Wounded skin).  

  • Propose new Performance Concepts and performing engine association based on strong Scientific Rational and proof of evidence. 

  • Consolidate the scientific rationale on new territories/actives/projects with the Advance Research and the Evaluation Intelligence and DA project leader.  

  • Identify the performing gaps and be involved in the assessment of new external partners (OI) to reach the ambition for extra-performing innovation socles.  


2/ As part of the valorization direction for the SHM application domain, the person will have the mission to valorize the projects, creating assets and encouraging transformation in new and/or existing scientific territories. The missions consist in  


  • Consolidate the Scientific dossier on projects/actives/territories for help the transformation with the Dev partners and ensure the relevancy of the data for product Claims   

  • Anticipation the valorization angles depending on the targeted Divisions and Brands  

  • Construction of a valorization asset roadmap  

  • How to best visualize and make tangible the performance results. 

  • Identify NEW valorization techniques/claims/visualization/demos 

  • Strongly contribute to strengthening the scientific credibility of the domain and the Innovations among business and health care professionals through publication and posters plan with the partners (Rav, Evaluation) 

Required Knowledge and Competency  

  • Ph.D. in Skin Biology or Doctor of Pharmacy  

  • At least 10 years of experience related to skin biology either in the pharmaceutical industry or in the cosmetics industry. An experience related to skin pathologies is a plus.  

  • Experience in L’Oreal  

  • Has knowledge or notions concerning regulations related to the pharmaceutical or dermo cosmetics industry. 

  • Knowledge and experience related to test to evaluated biological active activity from vitro to clinical assessments. 

  • Strong ability and ease to consolidate scientific files, 

  • Strong ability and ease in communication at conferences and redaction of publications 

Required Soft skills:  

  • Autonomous and proactive. 

  • Able to thrive in a multicultural environment and complex organization.  

  • cross-functional leadership capacities  

  • Challenging the status co 

  • Passion in Skin science and strong desire and motivation in being part of innovation creation.  

The DA Skin Health Management Scientific and Valorization Leader will be managed by DA SHM Leader Caroline SIRICHANDRA and in dotted line to Valorization Leader and to Scientific Direction Leader. 

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