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Beauty Tech augments L’Oréal employees withsophisticated, connected and intelligent devices and tools, powered by data, toaccelerate decision-making and generate insights. And because we care as muchfor our employees than for our consumers, we also invest significantly in theemployee journey and experience and in our digital workplace. To acceleratethis transformation, we are switching to Agile and Product-based approaches,investing in upskilling and re-skilling.
L’Oréal is inventing the beauty of the future by becoming the company of thefuture.
 For L’Oréal employees, Beauty Tech translates into technology to increase their work abilities. The promise of Beauty Tech is to unleash capabilities for all, in a world where anyone, in any function or department, experiences the power of Tech in their daily work.
 Thanks to data to help decision-making and insight generation, we leverage the best of Tech to enhance the way we work and serve our consumers, constantly adapting to the new world. Delivering Tech solutions in fast sprints through an agile approach is becoming our way of working. It helps to accelerate our Tech solutions releases and fosters cooperation inside the company.
 This important transformation, which is shaking up working practices, marks a further step towards L’Oréal’s goal of becoming a true digital workplace and data-driven smart company.  

Key Job Accountabilities:

  • The Business Value Planner is responsible for analyzing and interpreting Beauty Tech New Opportunities. This to improve business processes and increase profitability of our Tech Product Portfolio.


  • He/She will work closely with the Business Value Manager to gather and analyze data on the performance of the portfolio and the market trends, and develop insights and recommendations to the Business Leads.


  • The Business Value Planner will also work with other departments (from division/brands to Beauty Tech, Digital & Augmented Beauty Teams) to identify areas for improvement in business model design, including streamlining processes, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. 


  • He/She will also work in evaluating the potential profitability of new Beauty Tech Products or Services, and help in conducting market research to understand customer needs and preferences. He/She will be in charge of leading Financial Projections of specific projects with the operational teams to better define the vision and priorities on the portfolio.


  • He/She will be responsible for generating reports, creating visualizations, and presenting their findings. He/She would also collaborate with other transformation & transversal functions in the organization to ensure that their insights and recommendations are aligned with the overall strategic direction of the company.


  • He/She will also contribute to the Finance Transformation Program regarding the new Business Models enabled by Beauty Tech best practices development.

Expected Skills :

  • Proven Track record (7-8 years) in Finance Department, in a complex, moving and intenational organization
  • Team Spirit
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills
  • Open and curious mind, with a desire to transform by being both a strategist and an actor
  • Good knowledge and/or experience of financial analysis and projection functions (ROI, Value oriented, with an appetite for D2C, Retail, Tech and Digital transformations)
  • Fluent English
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