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Finanzas & Control de Gestión
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Key Job Accountabilities / 主要職務 

To ensure the controlling of L'OREAL Dermatology Beauty Division(LDB)

Monitor the main economic indicators of the Division in the Country in relation to the objectives defined by the Senior Management of the Division and the Zone and to supervise control of the different business units in his/her Division

• Be a part of Division Management Committee members

• Contribute to the economic development of the Division by advising its Senior Management on the best economic choices. 

• Lead the process of creating the Plan, Budget, and Trends. 

• Arbitrate between the objectives of the different brands of the Business Units are balanced so that each one may contribute equitably to the results of the Division. 

• Ensure that the Group's Standards (financial, accounting, and Group management) and those pertaining to Internal Control are applied. 

• Ensure that his/her Division's major contractual commitments are economically and legally pertinent. 

• Supervise and check the reliability of the reports drawn up by his/her Division for the Country, Zone and Group. 

• Manage the Business Unit Controllers in his/her Division, participate in developing teams, and provide them with all of the support that they need to accomplish their mission


Must Have Aspects / 必須項目


• Uses the financial documents and ensures they comply with internal (Management standards) and external standards (GAAP/IFRS) OPTIMIZE COSTS (FINANCE) 

• Applies costing methods to model and evaluate performance in his/her domain of activity (sales, marketing, OPEX...) BUDGET FOR GROWTH (FINANCE) 

• Develops budgets and financial forecasts (trends) in collaboration with the business: P&L, balance sheet, and working capital 

• Understands how these elements relate to achievement of overall business & financial targets 

• Seizes transfo. levers in Fin. to increase contribution of Fin. to overall effic. & sustain growth of OA: processes, eco models re. new bus… 


• Ensures financial reporting is aligned with the Group's standards PLAN AND ANALYZE BUSINESS PERFORMANCE • Anticipates and identifies opportunities, risks and solutions to close the gap. 

• Sets objectives, goals & targets 

• Recommends changes in a strategic direction • Calculates and interprets financial results 


• Uses OA know. & market & fin. expertise to understand,improve,challenge & provide strat. reco. contributing to overall effectiv. of bus. MAXIMIZE SYSTEMS & DATA MANAGEMENT 

• Leverages knowledge and intuition around systems/data management to provide insight into critical issues (ERP like SAP, and other finance reporting tools)

Minimum 7years experiences in Controlling/FP&A

Fluency in English


Preferred Qualification / 希望項目

• FP&A experience in FMCG or Retail industry

• Ideal Personal Attributes:

• Business acumen

• Assertive communication

• Good at numbers and has strong analytical skills

• Identification of key figures and anticipation of risks

• Influencing business stakeholders

• Self Driver and Collaborator

• Flexible to Hands-On

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