L'Oréal Roménia

We strive to reflect the world’s diversity in our teams. We love to empower a variety of viewpoints and knowledge, enabling more innovative solutions. Each day at L’Oreal, we create our own path. We are trendsetters, we push frontiers and we outdo ourselves in beauty tech. We are L'Oréal Romania.

Benefits of working @ L'Oreal

Either we talk about the preserving the balance between your personal and professional life, birthday celebrations, amazing events or resources to develop yourself, L’Oreal is the place to find them all! Click here to find out more.

Jobs without gender

At L'Oreal jobs are gender free, no matter one’s experience. We don’t have jobs for women or men, but for People who share our belief that ageless jobs should focus on the similarities and not on differences. Passion and motivation are universal, for everyone. Beauty is Universal! Read here for more