Full - Time

To lead customer growth, to build & manage brand CRM marketing framework considering customer lifecycle & purchasing journey in alignment with Luxe Division CRM strategy, we are seeking for a Brand CRM Manager.

This job position is responsible for
1) Planning & optimizing various brand CRM marketing programs considering Customer Lifetime Value, Division brand CRM strategy & roadmap. Measuring CRM performance to maximize CRM investment.
2) Managing & Operating CRM programs’ A to Z. Not only managing the department store’s CRM activities, but also designing online & Omni channel customer experience relating mar-tech & beauty tech device.


1) Lead key initiatives/tasks of brand CRM programs to achieve long-term brand CRM vision & goal
2) Maximize CRM resource investment by operating diverse CRM activities & analyzing CRM performance


1) Lead key initiatives/tasks of brand CRM programs to achieve long-term brand CRM vision & goal
  • Design high value customer segmentation to guide CRM activities for customers’ growth
  • Develop basic brand CRM initiatives considering brand marketing strategy & division CRM roadmap
  • Lead pilot test & incubation planning for brand CRM activities to prove hypothesis with firm data evidence
  • Manage consistent improvement of brand CRM activities to scale-up as a full CRM lifecycle framework (campaign, loyalty program, omni-channel & beauty tech customer engagement programs etc.)

2) Maximize CRM resource investment by operating diverse CRM activities & analyzing CRM performance 
  • Achieve brand CRM KPI & maximize marketing investment with CRM operation excellency 
  • Operate yearly mileage redeem program, seasonal CRM promotion & surprise gift for high value customer 
  • Acquire & expand contactable customer data by leveraging membership binding program online
  • Increase brand customers’ lifetime value by reallocate CRM resource considering marketing performance
  • Analyze CRM activities & improve dashboard for better understanding of brand marketing & customer
The right candidate will have a professional CRM manager career with a clear vision for achieving customer growth in the D2C transformation era. Skills in problem solving, operational excellency, prioritization, analysis & data-driven thought will be crucial factor including exceptional interpersonal skills and integrity.

  • Education: University graduate
  • Years of experience: 5~8 years
  • Experience
    • At least 4 years’ experience gained in an cosmetic, FMCG CRM environment (global, domestic beauty companies’ offline, online, omni channel CRM programs)
    • Creditcard, e-commerce, platform companies’ CRM planning, executing, analyzing experience will be a plus (Segmentation, Campaign/loyalty program optimization)
    • Strong communication skills in English (verbal, reading & writing) and Korean.
    • Deep understanding of data-driven decision making culture & methodology
    • Self-motivated, curious to understand/solve complex problems. 
    • Language: Fluent in both Korean and English
  • Other Skills: 
    • Proficient with Excel, PPT, Word.
    • Professional Prioritization & Problem-solving skill at fast-paced brand CRM activities.
    • Understanding of data-driven decision making tool (including SQL, Dashboard)
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