Research & Innovation
Full - Time

Do you like diving into the cosmetic formulations/actives and associated synergetic delivery systems/devices/tools?

As part of the strategy to answer consumer needs on high performing beauty products for home uses, the Skin-Transformation Application Domain aims to deliver life changing solutions for immediate, dramatic, visible skin transformation approaching professional performance. We are looking for an entrepreneurial and open minded Researcher to onboard on this thrilling adventure.

For more than hundred years, L’Oréal believes that beauty needs Science. In a world now transformed by digital technology and the emergence of new scientific Domains, we are confident in our ability to turn these opportunities into major innovations, closely linked to the new consumer expectations all over the world. Science & Technology are allowing us to invent safe, trustable, sustainable & responsible beauty products and experiences that will change people’s lives. 

L’Oréal R&I has continuously invested upstream in its research with a high level of ambition. Our 3800 L'Oréal R&I people are talented and highly skilled, located in major markets, working in a cooperative way, opened to the world. 

  • Develop innovative and efficacious consumer products (formulations+ delivery system tools) in the field of skin tone and skin ageing management.
  • Implement new ideas on the formulation of materials with biological efficacy and their compatibility with suitable delivery tools.
  • Manage cross-disciplinary research projects and communicate with other hubs across the world
  • Connect with external partners to explore new technical solutions to overcome beauty skin concerns.
  • Monitor scientific communications, competitor technologies and suppliers.
  • Contribute to intellectual property management.
  • Perform risk analysis on project and apply quality best practices