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Mexico CityCuauhtémoc (Mexico City)
Finance & Controlling
Full - Time

Position key responsibilities

  • Responsible of consolidation of LATAM IT expenses
  • Ensure that all expenses, CAPEX and HC are reported consistently in a correct and concise manner
  • Coordinate with all country CIO's and CFO's; and zone HR and salary planning teams
  • Alignment with LATAM Corporate DAF and CFO regarding IT impacts in Corporate expense
  • Coordinate with Global IT finance team
  • Coordinate with SPO team to make sure that project expenses are correctly captured and budgeted, ensuring no deviations due to financial planning mistakes
  • Ensure operations within LATAM are following Group standards (sourcing, taxes, accounting)
  • Support on Business Case elaboration for LATAM (ZAL) projects
  • Operate ZAL IT expenses, including ZAL projects ensuring correct execution and chargeback to the countries
  • Ensure correct reporting in COSTS600 reports and the use of right Budgetary Natures
  • Coach the CIO’s to have a correct cost management
  • Create reports for visibility of Zone stakeholders
  • Review and align with CIO’s the O365 and SAP licenses for Allocation key purposes
  • Work closely with Zone BRM’s to properly capture CAPEX investments and methodology for country payments

Technical and professional competencies

  • Cooperate proactively with all departments
  • Prioritize and simplify messages to obtain managers’ support and teams’ commitment
  • Operate with rigour, method and pragmatism taking into account the entity’s organization and processes
  • Demonstrate a positive critical thinking to improve the level of internal control
  • Be skilled for cross functions project management and change management
  • Good knowledge of group tools and referential (charters, standards, processes, systems, etc.)
  • Knowledge of accounting standards and group norms
  • Efficient use of reporting and consolidation (finance)
  • Plan and analyze business performance
  • Budget for growth (finance)
  • Act as a proactive business partner
  • Maximize systems & data management


  • Bachelor’s degree on Business Administration, Finance or any related career.
  • At least 4 years of previous experience
  • Zone.