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Full - Time


1) Receive and analyze briefs from R&I, Marketing
2) Identify consumer needs and market trends through tech-watch (market research, marketing, consumer testing, suppliers)
3) Create Innovative Packaging concepts in collaboration with R&I, Operations and Marketing teams to respond to consumer needs

4) Work with central Innovation team in France

5) Master the Innovation process in terms of reporting, communication, alignment
6) Evaluate technical and financial feasibility of new Packaging Innovations in collaboration with Operations teams


Ø  Competitive Advantage:

o   Establishing local market insight to transform Product Innovation

o   Strategic alignment with

§  Application Domains

§  Development Domains

§  Brand need-gaps

§  PUSH Packaging concepts (in partnership with Packaging Innovation)

o   Portfolio management / Communication / Representation

o   Integrate SBWA principles from concept / project ideation  

Ø  Understand, articulate and answer to brands & business need gaps

o   Tailor steering committee (audience “right-sizing” and focused content/actions)

o   Help balance PUSH/PULL based on User, Business and Technology opportunities


Ø  Global Partnership:

o   Facilitate monthly exchanges with WW teams

o   Lift & leverage zone initiatives to Global

o   ELIUM global sharing / evaluation / leverage

o   DGO Collaboration:

§  Packaging Evaluation / PPE collaboration to PUSH Packaging Innovation concepts

§  Process Innovation 


  • Prioritization:
  • 360’ Project assessments (resources, risk, timing, PRI, FTO, tech transfer etc.)

Ø  Operational Synergies:

o   Ensure visibility / exposure / on-boarding 

o   ROI on Operations Steering committee