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Full - Time
Report to: CCO
Team subordinate: 3+1(3pt)

Responsible for CAD system and EBA System management;
̶ Establishes Consumer Advisory end-to end strategy frame on how to create a service center that effectively responds to consumers inquiries and complaints, interacting directly with consumers
̶ Supports the brands’ and products’ reputation by dealing effectively and quickly with the complaints from consumers via counters, phone calls, wechats, Weibo, e-commerce, government bureaus etc,
̶ Supports R&I Regulatory and Corp PR teams in building up a strong relationship with MSA(工商局) and other related external key stakeholders
̶ Strengthens the role of CAD to oversee market new trends of consumer satisfactions and government policies and provides timely feedback to the brands, labs, operations & manufacturing on product quality & consumer satisfactions analysis
̶ Guides brands and Buycoor’s BAs & e-BAs to provide high quality consumer care service, lead CAD team to deal with severe cases, recognizing and alerting top management on consumer incidents to avoid the crisis
̶ Coordinating with internal stakeholders to ensure a high level of consumer satisfaction rate