Sales & Business Development
Full - Time

 Apply and lead the commercial business strategy at the regional level to achieve sell-in and sell-out sales targets. Act as guarantor for the image and policy of his/her brand(s) in his/her region.

·       Develop trusting relationships with key customers in the region, including the regional management of national retail chains. Perform monthly monitoring of the sales in/out for the major regional accounts. 

·       Motivate sales teams in the region

·      Drive the performance of trade activities, merchandising and sales training in his/her region. Be responsible for the successful delivery of services and the monitoring of their regional performance through the provider's management.

·      Manage and arbitrate regional budgets, as well as motivational resources and return on investment. 

·      Maintain close cooperation between the regional sales force and sales and business management.

·      Inform management about significant initiatives in the field.

·      Contribute to and coordinate the winning of new key customers.

·      Support the modernization of points of sale through the deployment of services (business and retail training programs).

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