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Shanghai, Shanghai Shi
Supply Chain



Responsible to secure products launch on time from design phase to planning phase to delivery phase.

1. Review the new way of supply planning on New launch supply planning with implementation of New launch in pull and Scenario Planning to support optimization of end-to-end supply chain inventory structure and reduce the E&O

2. Launch Sizing review, launch project announcement and launch form validation by project according to certain threshold, alignment with zone marketing and key countries on launch strategies

3. In charge of operational monthly cycle of new launch master data, demand/ supply planning and production plan review with country and factories

4. Manage FG stock parameters for Launch period and guide PRM capacity and stock preparation with scenario planning and sizing analysis

5. Post launch analysis to guide industry resource preparation and catalogue rationalization

6. Catalogue management and contribute to its rationalization.

7. Work with all functions and factory to ensure the launch OTBS and New launch service level at country

8. Risk management & Crisis management

9. Any other responsibilities or Projects assigned by the line manager


Responsible to secure and analyze products supply according to affiliates business situation.

1. Analyze monthly / weekly demand variations from countries to understand the business trend, and define the priorities for the production plan with plants

2. Manage stock parameters of China Fusion products based on history FCST accuracy and block horizon from plant, and also the IDC stock for non-Fusion products. Be responsible for country and IDC inventory.

3. Ensure consistency of plant production plan according to demand and make recommendations in case of inconsistency

4. Challenge plants on their capacity to integrate market constraints (batch and run sizes, queuing line, management of shortage).

5. Communicate updated information on supply chain stocks and service policy (possible slow movers, service) to subsidiaries

6. Be the referee on proposals to dispatch available quantities to subsidiaries in case of shortages.

7. Follow up and analyze performance indicators. Make recommendations

8. Any other responsibilities assigned by the line manager.


1. Project management: leading/animate/participate actively supply chain related projects to optimize process/maximize business opportunity.

2. Crisis management: coordinate with headquarters/sourcing team/plants/customers at zone level from material availability to business priority management to minimize the impact.

3. Any other responsibilities assigned by the line manager.


• Consumer Oriented

• Strong sense of team work spirit and co-operation

• Result Oriented

• Fosters a demand-driven Supply Chain with service as a priority

• Brings added value to the customer and the consumer by matured communication among different departments

• Control risks and operates responsibly

• Drive Improvements in flexibility, reactivity, reliability, and working process


• 3-8 years working experience in Supply Chain (better in FMCG)

• Fluent English in both writing and speaking

• Strong communication skill and good understanding on plant and business

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