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Unlock your talent with a career at L'Oréal Middle East. Whether you track and measure our financial performance, create inspiring marketing campaigns, develop talent across the region or put a smile on our customers faces by providing a world class customer service across retail, you'll roll up your sleeves on day one to develop your leadership potential. Learn more from our inspiring people what #weareloreal tribe is all about, solving meaningful challenges that impact billions around the globe.

Take a look at our teams as they share with you their career journey at L'Oréal and and the fun unique culture we have at our offices.

Our Programs

Short Term Internships

Gain exposure & insight to the #1 Cosmetics company worldwide. You will be working with L’Oréal’s own on bringing projects to real life. Who? University Students. How Long? 2-3 months. Benefits: Exposure to the business.


Gain experience with our paid internship & our specifically tailored learning scheme by working with L’Oréal’s own talents and get a chance to become one!

Who? Fresh graduates - up to 2 years. How long? 6-12 months. Benefits? Competitive Salary / Learning scheme / 65%+ Conversion rate to permanent position in 2018.

Management Trainee Programm

Get a cross-functional view of our business! You will spend 12-18 months rotating between Digital, Commercial, and Marketing, giving you a kick start into your journey with L’Oréal Middle East. Who? 1-3 years experience. How long? 12-18 months. Benefits? Competitive Salary / Guaranteed permanent position.

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What We Look For In You!

Magic does happen out of the comfort zone because you actually discover who you really are and what you are capable of. But what are those sometimes-awkward-things that our recruiters value the most in candidates? Here are a few examples but we leave it up to you to live, experience and share with us the rest.

From the center of Dubai!

L'Oréal UAE is definetly an adventure you don't want to miss. Join us to shape the future of beauty in one of the most interesting cities in the world.

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